Sen. Graham says without the whistleblower, impeachment is DOA in the Senate


During a Sunday morning interview with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, Lindsey Graham spoke about the “deep state” connections of the Ukraine whistleblower. The South Carolina senator also said that if the whistleblower does not testify, the impeachment is DOA in the Senate.

We don’t know how serious Graham is since he is the Chair of the Senate Judiciary and hasn’t held one of the promised hearings investigating the many Democrat scandals.

In any case, he warned of the Deep State.

“When you find out who is the whistleblower is you will find out it’s somebody from the deep state and had interactions with the [Rep.] Schiff,” Graham said. “And this thing’s going to stink to high Heaven.”


“They are not trying to find the truth here,” Graham said. “This is not about Schiff finding the truth, this is about Schiff trying to destroy the Trump presidency.”

“If you think Schiff is looking for the truth, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive in America because that’s a ridiculous concept,” Graham added.


As Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Graham said without knowing the identity of the whistleblower , the impeachment effort is “dead on arrival in the Senate” — if, or more likely when the House Democrats vote to impeach Trump, a trial will be held in the upper chamber to determine if he’s removed.

“It’s impossible to bring this case forward, in my view, fairly without us knowing who the whistleblower is and having a chance to cross-examine them about any biases they may have,” he added. “So if they do not call the whistleblower in the House, this thing is dead on arrival in the Senate.”

Let’s hope others in the Senate see it the same way.


The impeachment inquiry would not have occurred without the whistleblower but Adam Schiff decided we don’t need the whistleblower [leaker] any longer. The President will not be allowed to face his accuser, reportedly a “politically biased” CIA agent who worked with John Brennan, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and others.

As a matter of fact,  conservative investigative reporter Paul Sperry claims he is one of John Brennan’s “humps.”

The inquiry also rests on the President’s call to Ukraine President Zelensky. We have the transcript and there is nothing there. The testimony we’ve heard so far is based on opinion, hearsay, and assumptions. On Wednesday, the President will likely release the transcript of the first call between him and President Zelensky.

We need to hear from the whistleblower to find out how this whole thing came about and the President needs to confront his accuser.

The whistleblower – perhaps it’s Eric Ciaramella — met with Adam Schiff’s staff prior to his filing of the complaint. He needs to tell us what happened and we need to know if this was plotted out by Adam Schiff.

Senator Lindsey Graham told Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures that “for a long time Adam Schiff said he we wanted to speak to the whistleblower and then we found out that his staff actually did meet with the whistleblower, so now he doesn’t want to speak to the whistleblower in any of these hearings any longer.”

Graham added that the only reason to not reveal the identity of the whistleblower is it hurts their cause.


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