Sen Grassley Says McConnell’s Trying to “Wake People Up”


Mitch McConnell, Republican’s so-called senate leader, has waved the white flag, warning people we won’t win the Senate and could lose seats because of poor candidates.

“I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate. Senate races are just different. They’re statewide. Candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

Are they poor candidates, or do they need proper advice? Are they worse than the communist and socialist Democrats?

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa was on Fox News on Friday and claimed Mitch’s comments were aimed at waking people up to get them out to vote. If that’s true, it’s not effective. Only losers say we’re losing three months out. You won’t hear that from Democrats about their awful candidates.

Grassley was more optimistic at the Iowa State Fair:

“We are going to take back the majority because of the fact that the president’s approval rating is under 40 [percent] and all the problems with the economy, people’s pocketbooks are being robbed every day because of Biden inflation.”

He then defended McConnell, but he’s on very shaky ground there. McConnell sounded like he meant it. He’s also thrown lifelines to Democrats on three bills that will turn us into socialists. That turns people away from the party more than candidates who are inexperienced campaigners.

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL)  is also downplaying the party’s chances of retaking the Senate.

They’re throwing in the towel instead of helping weak candidates get their campaigns on track.

Grassley also said:

“But he [McConnell] needs to have people help by voting, help by getting votes out, and help by contributing to the candidates, and most importantly, the candidates working just as hard as they can.”

Grassley thinks the issue is mainly inflation, but crime and the border are far more important, which is what candidates should explain to voters. The border and crime are existential threats to our way of life.

As for McConnell, his lousy attitude is hurting the party. He needs to shut up if he can’t be optimistic and help the so-called poor candidates.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

The factors behind the unlikelihood of the GOPe winning the senate were known 2 years ago. The weak, corrupt, betraying senate “leader” is the main obstacle. Vote fraud is another. The party supports the fraud. The party resists funding conservatives.

Grassley is a complete phony, he is closely allied with Mitch and the coverup of DOJ crimes. Anyone in that position does not support fair elections or conservatives. Since Grassley is running, he cheerleads. Notice Mitch blames other factors.

7 months ago

What he means is…. they won’t win if the PEOPLE decide their own candidates… He can see that HIS way of winning the Senate is to POUR MILLIONS of Dollars in to buy the Candidate that HE and the Swamp WANT…. Business as usual for him and the rest of the rats. Only contribute to YOUR candidate and stop sending to the RNC… they choose their own…not yours.

Judyann Joyner, RN
Judyann Joyner, RN
7 months ago

The only McConnell white flag was raised DECADES ago surrendering to the Left, the DNC.

I have watched Mitch’s political career for MOST of his 37 YEARS in the senate can have concluded WITHOUT DOUBT, HE HATES voters ESPECIALLY HIS voters.

I’ve heard many express bewilderment, WHY he keeps getting reelected, he is disliked by members of BOTH parties. From what i understand, McConnell has a very intimidating “election machine,” in Kentucky. We KNOW how that is.

He was once recorded on a conference call expressing his plans to, “punch Conservatives,” in the nose … according to he, what we deserve.
Ironically, it is the conservative faction of the GOP who do most of the heavy lifting. They are the “worker bees,” who man their phone banks, bang on doors for them, donate regularly – THESE are the people McConnell MOST hates.

GUARANTEE, if we are successful taking back the House and Senate, it WILL be up to WeThePpl to DEMAND action STARTING with bold steps to STOP RAMPANT DNC/Elitist election fraud.

GOP leaders have known about this for YEARS, done NOTHING to stop it. Then again, GOP Elites seem to always keep THEIR seats. Why I have long suspected they have a backroom deal with the DNC. “LET US keep OUR seats, we turn a blind eye to your fraud”

WE MUST DEMAND a complete shake up among GOP leadership. Start by calling your candidates with, “want my vote, get RID of McConnell and McCarthy. We DEMAND genuine MAGA leadership”

Am not a gambling type but, would bet the ranch those Republicans with Trump Derangement Syndrome hate Trump for the same reason Democrats hate him. SAME REASON they hated the Tea Party … because there was no discrimination, if you’re corrupt, if you’re dirty, “we’re coming for YOU.”

7 months ago

What Mitch McConnell has for a wake up call is counting sheep for the rest of us.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago

Has Mitch just too old, or is just tired, too beaten down?

7 months ago

or more corrupt.