Tucker: “Where does Zelenskyy get off talking to us like this?”


Ukrainian President Zelensky came to D.C. dressed in a T-shirt and demanded the overthrow of the Russian President. The US is a party to this. The media called this day “historic,’ and from the standpoint of the insanity of it, it is.

The seventy and eighty-year-olds running the uniparty allowed Zelensky to make outrageous demands for money and weapons.

As he rose to the podium, after several minutes of applause, the former actor and comedian opened his speech by thanking “all those who value freedom and justice.”

“It gives me great pleasure to share our first joint victory: We defeated Russia in the minds of the world,” the Ukrainian leader claimed. That’s debatable. He thanked US lawmakers for supporting Kiev financially and militarily against Moscow but demanded more arms to defeat Russia on the battlefield.

“We have artillery, yes, thank you… Is it enough? Honestly, not really,” he said, interrupted by laughter from lawmakers. “More cannons and shells are needed.”

Zelensky called for unity ahead of a power transition that will put Republicans in charge of the House next year. US congressional support for Ukraine aid has been largely bipartisan, but Republicans have been increasingly critical of the scale of the spending and the lack of oversight to prevent fraud.

It’s absurd how our elected officials repeatedly subordinate our interests and the safety of our people to foreign leaders like Zelensky, who has been very clear his goal is to get America’s sons and daughters to fight and die in the war in Ukraine – nuclear Armageddon be damned. ~ Dan Caldwell


Zelensky claimed it’s not charity, it’s an investment. Only it’s an investment without any returns.

Zelensky, the leader of a foreign nation, kicked around the uniparty in Congress today and they applauded him. According to the octogenarian Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, defeating Putin is our number one priority. This is more important than our borders, crime, inflation, our children’s education.

Biden couldn’t give enough US money to Zelensky, but it’s not enough.

Zelensky promised to handle our money in “a most responsible way.”  That wasn’t satirical.

“Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way,” Zelensky told the audience to another round of standing ovation.


The speech was dubbed “historic” by the lapdog media. The leader of a corrupt country demands more than the $45 billion in the outrageous Omnibus while wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt, while our borders are overrun by unvetted, anonymous people, and it’s called “historic.”

When you consider all the abuse these same people inflicted on Donald Trump, and compare to the glorification of this unlikeable man who destroys whole religious sectors and imprisons political opponents, priests, and journalists, it’s stunningly bizarre.

Earlier in the day, Zelensky had a meeting with President Joe Biden, who promised him that “American people” will continue to support Kiev “as long as it takes.” However, when pressed by a reporter at a joint press conference on why can’t the US simply give Ukraine “all capabilities it needs” right away, Biden noted that the West wants to avoid direct war with Russia.

That’s looking less likely all the time.

When they gave their joint press conference, Biden kept saying we’d back Ukraine “as long as it takes.” In other words, forever, making companies like Raytheon and our military complex very happy.

Tucker wants to know where Zelensky gets off talking to us as he is. We’d like to know too.


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