Sen. Hawley on the Typical Foreign Criminal Who Gets a Work Permit


Addressing Secretary Mayorkas on Laken Riley’s murderer during a hearing, Sen. Hawley said, “This guy had a criminal record to start with. He’s in the country on illegal grounds. You have falsely illegally allowed him in. He commits a crime against a child. He’s not prosecuted – expunged in November.

“Get this: in November, Ibarra filed an application for employment authorization, and unbelievably, on December 2023, it was approved. So this is your policies in action, Secretary.

“Criminals are permitted into this country on grounds flatly not permitted, flatly contradictory to the statute. He committed a crime against a child and then gets a permit. He gets a work permit.

“You want to know why all of the jobs in the last two or three years have gone to illegal migrants, and working people in this country can’t get a job? Their unemployment rates are high because of things like this. …

“In February, he commits the crime against Laken Riley…”

It’s not likely Secretary Mayorkas cares or will do a thing about it. He has an ideological mission.

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