Sen. Jeff Flake Trashes His “Tribe” in New Hampshire


On Monday Sen. Jeff Flake called for a full investigation of assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Soon after, at a Forbes summit, he said the probe should not simply provide political cover.

It is clear the FBI will only make summary statements and this is not within their province to judge but Flake doesn’t let facts get in his way. His decision put the confirmation process on pause, although McConnell insists the vote will take place this week.

Flake claimed in New Hampshire that the left lashed out at him last week because he would not strike down Brett Kavanaugh, and the right lashed out because he would not denounce Mrs. Ford, his accuser.  He said his “tribe” is upset with him, and that he’s been upsetting his tribe for some time now.  He is very happy with himself for both because he’s a silly left-wing guy.

The Arizona senator asked, “What happened to Ronald Reagan’s party”, saying the party was coherent, in other words, Republicans are not coherent.

Towards the end of his New Hampshire speech below, Flake said he’s not sure he “has a party”. He does, it’s the Democratic Party.

The soon-to-be-former senator likely thinks he can run for president. He’s shown up in Iowa and New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire, the liberal Republican gave one of his lofty speeches, placing himself on a high-and-mighty pedestal, looking down on his colleagues.

At 4:26, he says Republicans have given in to “their tribal instincts”. At 4:54, he makes his comments about “failing his tribe.” The guy’s a traitor to his “tribe” and his agenda is mostly far-left with open borders policies and other left-wing goals. He compared other politicians to “two-year olds”. Flake thinks he is superior and the rest are just “two-year olds”. This man with his enormously over-sized ego could make Jim Comey look humble.

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