Sen. Kennedy on Debates! Only Thing Missing Was Cuban National Anthem


“I’m not buying the storyline of progressives versus moderates,” GOP Senator Kennedy said during an appearance on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom. “I would remind you that the lesser of two socialists is still a socialist.”

“And what I heard last night, even from so-called less liberal candidates — I’m not impugning their integrity. Even from the less liberal candidates, I heard a job-killing, soul-crushing socialist agenda.”

He added: “The only thing missing was the Cuban national anthem.”

Calling it the “same old stuff,” Kennedy said the 2020 election will give the country a clear choice between two distinct options.

“At the rate my Democratic friends are going, the American people will have a stark choice in this election,” he said. “It will be growth versus redistribution. It will be, do you believe in more freedom or more free stuff?”

“And my Democratic friends want to pay for that more free stuff out of your bank account,” Kennedy added.

He forgot to mention the Chinese bank account. We owe 23 trillion that we can’t pay off and it includes lots on interest.

Go to 03:49:

Outside of John Delaney, the Democrat candidates embarrassed themselves with their ridiculous undoable plans.

CNN’s John King called them the furthest left in our lifetime.

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