Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Bklyn) Should Pay $100M for Rape


Brooklyn state senator, Kevin Parker, voted for the Adult Survivors Act, which, for a brief time, allowed alleged rape victims to file charges against their alleged rapist even though the five-year statute of limitations had run out.

This was done specifically to allow E. Jean Carroll to file rape charges against Donald Trump, even though there was no evidence to prove the 27-year-old allegation.

Given the low bar set by E. Jean Carroll’s civil case, he will be found guilty and have to pay up. You don’t need any evidence; The alleged crime could have happened decades before, even 27 years before. The alleged victim can tell different versions of her story and can go on TV and say she found the rape exciting and still be believed. Even if the alleged victim remembers a few details that can be debunked, the defendant could still be found guilty and have to pay $100 million in damages. That doesn’t bode well for Mr. Parker. Oh wait, he’s a Democrat. I forgot nothing can happen to him in New York.

This Was Bankrupt Trump and Interfere-in-the-Election Law

The law to allow the charges did sunset very quickly; however, that didn’t help Kevin Parker. An alleged rape victim named Olga Jean-Baptiste used it to file charges against him for an alleged rape in 2004. She said they were working on relief efforts for Haiti at the time when he grabbed her by the wrists and forcibly raped her in her home.

Kevin Parker now says the law he voted for and touted is unconstitutional. He denies the rape charges against him ever occurred.

Parker not only voted for the Adult Survivor’s Act in 2021, he even promoted his support of the law in a statement denying he raped Miss Jean Baptiste.

“I voted in favor of the Adult Survivors Act to ensure all New Yorkers can seek justice and be hurt, Parker wrote of the legislation. The legislation was signed into law in May 2022 and expired in November 2023. It was the get Trump law.

“These allegations are absolutely untrue. My work and advocacy will continue,” Parker said.


Parker is a hothead. In 2005. He slugged a traffic cop who gave him a ticket. He was charged with misdemeanor assault. A few years later, he became angry that a Post photographer was taking his picture and smashed his camera. He was found guilty of misdemeanor criminal mischief charges and forced to attend anger management classes.


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