Sen. McConnell Is Angry Sen. Schumer Broke the Constitution


Sen. Mitch McConnell was angry that Chuck Schumer refused to hold a trial of Secretary Mayorkas. He called it unprecedented. Sen. Mike Lee strongly objected to the Democrats’ refusal to put Mayorkas on trial.

Democrats are lawless. This shouldn’t be a shock.

The Response

Sen. Schumer claimed the charges were unconstitutional WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. He said it was not a high crime and misdemeanor.

Donald Trump was put on trial twice for fake charges, and they thought about charging him after he left office. Mayorkas is putting our country’s national security in danger and has forever changed the country. Schumer claimed that is not a high crime and misdemeanor.

Democrats can’t let this go forward because it would put them on trial. They all enthusiastically opened the border to get their permanent electoral majority on the backs of illegal aliens.

Sen. Mike Lee Responds

“As wrong as the majority leader was moments ago in making this particular point of order as to Article One of the impeachment articles. Article One, remember, refers to the willful defiance by Secretary Mayorkas of the law. As wrong as he was in making that as to Article One… he is even more wrong, far more so with respect to Article Two, because Article Two accuses him of knowingly making false statements.”

“This is a violation of 18 USC Section 1001, a felony offense. If this is not a high crime and misdemeanor, what is? If this is not impeachable, what precedent will we be setting?”

“I move that the Senate proceed to close session to allow for deliberation on this very consequential point of order that he’s just made that violates hundreds of years of Anglo-American legal precedent and understanding.”

Sen. Schumer came to the impeachment trial having decided not to hear the case. He did not want the evidence made public, so he broke the Constitution.

Obviously, they all agreed to violate the Constitution.

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