Sen. McConnell Suggests Increasing Funds to the [Weaponized] DOJ


Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants to increase funding to the DOJ. This comes after the raid of Mar-a-Lago, and as the DOJ wants to put 1,000 more J6 ‘paraders’ in prison, and after Donald Trump’s arraignment.

Obviously, Mitch likes what’s going on. Who knows what that knock on the head did to this octogenarian?

McConnell has rescued the Democrat Party over and over as they were about to flame out, passing bills that rejuvenate them and make the brain-damaged president look functional. He throws them lifelines when he shouldn’t and goes along with multi-trillion dollar bills. That’s what he did with the infrastructure bill, which was mostly a fulfillment of a far-left climate wishlist. Chuck Schumer and Mitch have a “remarkably similar vision.”

“I think I can pretty safely say that I’ve not met any Republicans in Congress who want to spend less on law enforcement,” the GOP Senate leader reportedly said.

I guess he hasn’t met the House Republicans who are running investigations of the weaponized government.

The entire government, including the DOJ and FBI, is weaponized. Democrats increase the administrative state’s power at every turn, and the DOJ has resorted to police state tactics.

Despite the absurdity of the charges and the indictment of Donald Trump in Manhattan, Mitch McConnell has remained silent. Even Mitt Romney has called it a “dangerous precedent.”

The Federalist notes that in March, when Tucker Carlson aired some of the J6 clips, McConnell wasn’t silent. McConnell stood before reporters on Capitol Hill the day after the first installment of the tapes aired to condemn Fox News.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Crooked Mitch has a strong history of supporting the crooked DOJ.

When the DOJ committed major crimes and framed Trump, Mitch supported them. He launched 2 senate investigations of Trump, and none of the DOJ. He spent 3 years investigating Trump, never found anything, and never issued reports.

Mitch supported the election coup of 2020 and the J6 false flag event, which the DOJ was involved in.

Mitch is wrong, anti-American, and pro-left on all major issues.

His stupidity goes well with his lack of ethics.

1 month ago

McConnell is nothing but a closet Democrat. And an increasingly radical and corrupt one, to boot.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

M. Dowling, you really have this Rino’s number.
Obviously, Mitch likes what’s going on. Who knows what that knock on the head did to this octogenarian?”
Mitch and I may be about the same age, but senility has never been a problem from either my mom’s or dad’s side, with people still living and working well into their nineties. It seems his used by date may have been over a decade ago.

It’s time that Kentucky again had to useful senators.
Are there any good constitutional candidates?

1 month ago

Sen. McConnell Suggests Increasing Funds to the [Weaponized] DOJ – NEVER! The FBI MUST BE stripped of all police authority and the DoJ MUST BE required to investigate every referral from Congress Immediately and Completely.