Sen Rubio describes Republican Party as multi-ethnic working class


In a YouTube address, Sen. Marco Rubio said Trump would likely clear the field again if he decided to run for a second term in 2024.

Rubio (R-FL) praised how Trump motivated millions of people to vote Republican for the first time and predicted Trump could have a second act in the White House.

“If he runs in 2024, he’ll certainly be the front-runner and will probably be the nominee,” Rubio told congressional pool reporters Tuesday. “But again, I’m still being presumptuous here. We’re not even through with 2020.”


Rubio said the future of the Republican Party a multi-ethnic, multi-racial, working-class party of people “who don’t want to live in a city with no police, where people rampage through the streets, where they can’t speak out politically or wear a MAGA hat without fear of being fired from their job.”

“And they don’t like crazy people,” Rubio continued. He said a lot of the elements that control the Democrat Party today are crazy.

“In Biden’s administration, there will be people on his cabinet that are out of their minds,” Rubio predicted.

The party supports the Republic and everyone in the Republic.


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