Sen Scott’s Alarming Description of Democrats Behind Closed Doors


Democrats are planning a fundamental transformation of the greatest economic system in the world in secret. Republicans are not even allowed in the room. That is according to Senator Tim Scott.

They are transforming the American people into communists and Republicans have no part, no say, no entree to their seat of power. This is a dictatorship and it’s tyranny. With a 50-50 divided Senate and a small majority in the House, they do not have the mandate to do any of this.

This makes the RINOs siding with Democrats on anything all the more culpable.

“Their [Democrats’] strategy right now is not only to increase the tax rates but to tax future gains,” Senator Scott said. They want to tax gains you do not even have in your bank account, gains that have not yet taken place.

They want to double tax people who sell a house or a business even though it is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event. Democrats want a 100% tax increase.

The bulking up of the IRS to go into our accounts and monitor every transaction and — no matter the limit of $600 or $10,000 — covers every working American. Hourly workers make $10,000. All of us will face the scrutiny of the most unaccountable, feared institution of government.

Watch Senator Scott:



  1. This explains a great deal of the problem with “Parties”. The Two work “together” for themselves and against the general public.

    The two pollsters squared off in 2008 and 2012, as Newhouse worked for John McCain and Mitt Romney, but now they do surveys together for Center Forward, a centrist think tank with ties to moderate Democrats and Republicans and establishment institutions in Washington.

    It’s good that others post the details because I’d never go to their site.

  2. This is the Communist Democrat Liberal Loser last desperate attempt to take over America. They had lost until the Covid Hoax was hatched allowing the 2020 Election Steal. What the Covid Hoax has shown us is how corrupt big government really is. If the Communist Democrat Liberal Losers aren’t stopped in the Beltway, they will be stopped by Civil War. The big losers in a Civil War will be Blue State Liberals. The Communist among us will be hunted like rabid dogs, but many will perish in Big Blue Cities. We have seen the Liberals perish in the Big Blue Cities due to Covid Hoax policies. This winter we will see people dying because of the Liberal’s War on Energy. The problem is Communist don’t care how many people they kill. Their cult like drive to achieved their failed ideology is all consuming. In only 9 months the Communist Liberals in the Beltway have caused economic damage that will 10 years to recover from. Communist Liberals continually prove themselves to be unstable and dangerous to civilized society. The Communist in America will be stopped, the only question is how much damage we allow them to do in the mean time.

    • Too many have forgotten the 50’s and 60’s, which eventually culminated in the New Left of the 60’s. The goal from then was to destroy the country as a whole and change it from within. It was promoted by the Entertainment Industry by promoting a World Government, including the UN controlling the nuclear arsenals. Obama was obviously part of that thinking, “I’ll have more flexibility”, but wasn’t able to accomplish it because of the change in Congress. Now with Biden, at Obama’s direction, it has been decided to go all in within his first two years, before Congress has a chance to change course. I don’t believe this is all ineptitude, but well orchestrated. The southern border is such an example. From the 60’s there began a thorough disgust with the country as a whole and those indoctrinated more along the way to the point there is a significant number, and maybe even a majority. Republicans may end up being the last who say there’s no one left. They are always the First to “stand down”.

      At one point there was talk about Trump starting a New Party and after where we are at, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

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