Trump-Charlottesville Lie Is Going Around Again


‘Charlottesville’ is trending on Twitter and so is the lie that Donald Trump praised neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

In an effort to make it seem as if white supremacists are running wild everywhere, the media is hyping Charlottesville once again. Conveniently, the stories, including one from NPR, omit all the violence from the Left. They also leave out the fact that there were peaceful demonstrators as well. The media continues to ignore the complicity of certain law officers and officials at the time.

Some on the Left appeared to plan for an out-of-control situation as people came to protest the removal of historical statues with Antifa and Black Lives Matter joining in to start trouble.

A trial is coming up of two radicals on the right and the politicization has begun in all seriousness. The media is already telling the Charlottesville lie that Donald Trump called the neo-Nazis and white supremacists, ‘good people.’ In reality, he condemned them.

Just for the record, we are putting the truth out once again.

Watch the clips:

The following clip includes the President’s actual comments.

The President was correct. There were innocent people on both sides and troublemakers on both sides. The left had the nasty Antifa and Black Lives Matter along with innocents. The right had some vile KKK bigots and neo-Nazis along with people who just want their history to be their history.

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8 months ago

Ah the old standby Charlottesville lie pops up again. Must be a democrat communist seeking office in an election somewhere.

8 months ago

Notice that in Red Cities, we don’t have these problems. The fact that this happens for the most part in Blue Cities tells us a lot. I don’t see much violence from the Right, even the so called neo-Nazis and white supremacists groups. I do see a lot of violence from the Left and nasty Antifa and Black Lives Matter storm troopers who the Media portrays as “mostly peaceful” with cities ablaze in the background. When was the last time a so called neo-Nazis or white supremacists group rioted and burned a city down? Who is the real danger in America? Who are the uncivilized anarchist? Who is committing most of the crime? Who is lying to you?