Sen. Tuberville: They’re Anti-American…We’re Losing Our Country


Folks, wake up. We’re in trouble. We are losing our country by the minute, and it’s getting worse. ~ Sen. Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville had to stop blocking military promotions and agreed to a compromise today To get the administration to roll back their aggressive anti-life, anti-military policies.

He explained to Chris Salcedo on Newsmax today, “Our military’s in bad trouble. We’ve got a lot of woke people, woke generals, and Admirals in all the ranks, and it scares me to death because we have to have a strong military to protect the people of this country. The people of America need and deserve that. So we fought hard. We fought for the unborn. We’ve been fighting for the military.

The problem was Chuck Schumer. It’s a game to him.

When you’re going against somebody like Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden and Secretary Austin who care really nothing about this country other than how they want it to be, how they see it, how they want to structure it, it’s hard to fight. You know I love the military. My dad was in the military. I love for the unborn; I love the people of this country …

He said they fought hard for the Constitution, but Chuck Schumer changed the rules of the NDAA.

They were supposed to hold a conference between senators and congressmen and put the NDAA together. We had it to where there were enough votes to get it voted on, and the policy for abortion was supposed to be in there, but Chuck Schumer changed the rules. He said, “No, I’m not going to allow that to happen’.”

“I’m going to make all the decisions on the Senate side. He did.

He didn’t want to hold back promotions.

“I am very concerned, Chris, about our military. I’m concerned about our country because these are not Americans that we’re dealing with on the Democratic side. They’re anti-American. They want to change this country, and I believe some of them are so naive they don’t understand what’s happening.

The DIE agenda is going to be in there until “we get somebody in the White House who’s really concerned and cares about life and really concerned about our military. If we don’t get somebody like President Trump elected president next year, this group will continue for the next four years to just run over the Constitution and run over the taxpayers of this country and change this to something else.

“Look at what they’re doing right now. We’re funding Ukraine, we have no business, and we need a border, but today, I saw a release where President Biden wants to open the borders of Guatemala and just let more and more people in.

“Folks, wake up. We’re in trouble. We are losing our country by the minute, and it’s getting worse.”

He said that the Republicans in the Senate are not together and everybody has their own agenda. It’s deeply concerning.

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2 months ago

We have already lost this country to the Marxist Democraps.