Senate Confirms Radical Rachel Rollins as US Attorney – Look How She Handles Media


The very radical Rachel Rollins was confirmed two days ago as Massachusetts US Attorney despite the fact that she’s far-far-left. We have an example of how she handles situations with the media and it’s not normal.

In January, a Dorchester woman said she had an encounter with Rollins. The woman filed a citizen’s complaint after Rollins put on strobe lights and siren riding right up to her car, implying she was a police officer and threatening to give her a ticket.

Shortly after word got out, a news crew tried to get a comment from Rollins. The very radical Soros prosecutor will not prosecute crimes but she was ready to call the police on reporters who simply wanted a statement.

Look at how crazy her reaction is (and racist?):

The  Senate knew she was hard left, but this is who they wanted.

Rollins has made a point of saying she would not prosecute many crimes. No Republicans voted for her but Democrats want prosecutors who hate the police and won’t prosecute crimes.

“You have the power to determine charges and what crimes to prosecute,” she has said. Charges of crimes on her list of 15 should [always] be dismissed without conditions: trespass, shoplifting, larceny, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, receiving stolen goods, driving with a suspended license [mostly for drunk drivers],

She wants absolute power and to decide what the laws are.


Senator Cotton said that “Rachael Rollins is the very epitome of a Soros prosecutor”—we call them rogue prosecutors—because of her radical pro-criminal, anti-victim policies that harm victims, harm communities, and attempt to fundamentally transform our criminal justice system.

Cotton said, “Rollins, like San Francisco’s Chesa Boudin and Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner and Los Angeles’ George Gascon, is out to destroy the criminal justice system from within.”


Senator Cruz also dealt with her anti-police and pro-crime leftism. Rollins, he said, has been “vocal and aggressive” against prosecuting crimes:

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