WOW, Just WOW John Cornyn, from Texas No Less


Maybe John Cornyn (R-TX) is stupid; it’s hard to say.  Texas Scoreboard’s Michael Quinn Sullivan wrote on X, “While Texans slept, @JohnCornyn sent $95 billion to help other countries with their border problems. Question: when was the last time Cornyn stayed up all night fighting for our border?”

Attorney General Ken Paxton responded to Sullivan: “This is a question all Texans should be asking. Unbelievable that @JohnCornyn would stay up all night to defend other countries borders, but not America.”

Cornyn’s response was: “Ken, your criminal defense lawyers are calling to suggest you spend less time pushing Russian propaganda and more time defending longstanding felony charges against you in Houston, as well as ongoing federal grand jury proceedings in San Antonio that will probably result in further criminal charges.”

So, if you want to close the borders as our enemies pour across our open borders before you spend money we don’t have to foreign countries, you’re a Putin puppet. Got it!

What is different about John Cornyn than any leftist? He’s using Democrat leftist propaganda to attack someone making a heck of a lot of sense.

Krassenstein says the senators are daring the House to reject this. They are out of touch if they think Americans want to support wars with money we have to borrow before we close the border. The Vermont senator in this clip is big on funding both sides of the Israel-Hamas war.

The following is an alphabetical list of the 22 Republicans who joined every Democrat in voting for the bill early Tuesday:
  • Senator John Boozman of Arkansas

  • Senator Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia

  • Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

  • Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota

  • Senator Michael D. Crapo of Idaho

  • Senator Susan Collins of Maine

  • Senator John Cornyn of Texas

  • Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa

  • Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa

  • Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota

  • Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana

  • Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky

  • Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas

  • Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

  • Senator Jim Risch of Idaho

  • Senator Mitt Romney of Utah

  • Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota

  • Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska

  • Senator John Thune of South Dakota

  • Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina

  • Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi

  • Senator Todd Young of Indiana

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