Senator Cotton vilified online for saying feds have to step in


Senator Tom Cotton is trending on Twitter. The Democrats are torching him for the comments he made on Fox & Friends. Basically, he said the federal government cannot allow anarchists and insurrectionists to destroy federal courthouses, federal buildings, or other federal property.

That makes sense to me, but not to the communist Democrats online.

Watch the clip and you decide if he’s a “dumbass:”

They twist reality with semantics:

There are thousands of these, calling him names, lodging personal attacks, threats. Just another day in the Twitter sewer. Unfortunately, people are getting their news from this platform, and with the doctored antifa and BLM videos, they are fed lies. The media also backs the rioters as do the politicians in charge.

Watch far-far-left Rep. Blumenauer say Portland is not out of control.

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