Watch footage of rude, out of control ‘demonstrators’ interfere with an arrest


Police were called to a scene of a disturbance with ‘demonstrators.’ The bodyworn camera footage of the event was released. It has drawn significant attention. That’s why the footage was released.

They handcuffed a man who was becoming irate with another person. And it turned out there was a warrant out for him.

People who have obviously gotten away with lawlessness started chanting, “Let him go, let him go.”

The police were calm even as a teen was pushed to the ground.

Then someone punched an officer in the face.

It’s hard to believe that people could be this disrespectful of authority. Who raised these people? And don’t blame the color of their skin. The white people there were awful.

As police tried to arrest the troublemakers, they chanted, “Let them go.” A white man had a megaphone, riling people up. Other officers came.

They did find a loaded handgun in the car of a man in a wheelchair.

Just watch the video and you’ll see how dangerous the officers’ jobs are and still, they do it. Some officers had minor injuries. Personally, the white liberals appear to be fueling the anger and kept it going. They are loud and rude, especially the women. But you watch and tell us what you think.


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Mark Desade
Mark Desade
3 years ago

Start allowing armed citizens to deal with the problem, including shooting these commie losers, so that police don’t have to take the blame.