Senator Cruz Slams Lin Wood as a ‘clown’


Yesterday we told you about Lin Wood telling people not to vote for Loeffler and Perdue next month if they don’t come out and demand that Kemp call a special session of the legislature to fix the election fraud issues we’ve seen since November 3rd.

Ted Cruz just responded to this video, calling Lin Wood a clown for saying this.

“I don’t know who this clown is, but anyone saying America would be better off w/ Chuck Schumer as Majority Leader—producing huge tax increases, the Green New Deal, massive amnesty & a packed Supreme Court destroying the Bill of Rights—is trying to mislead the people of Georgia.”

Lin Wood has responded to the sentiment from Cruz and others by saying “I want ALL registered voters in GA to vote. But I want ALL votes to be cast in a lawful & honest election. I make no apology to those offended by those simple truths.”

Mr. Wood is trying to make a powerful argument to get the legislature to act. However, there is too much at stake in this election. Georgians have to vote for the two senatorial candidates – Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

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