Senator Rubio warns Americans about Democratic socialism


The United States is at a dangerous crossroads and we are faced with a choice. If we make the wrong choice, we can never come back from it.

Senator Rubio sent out a warning about the socialism that now threatens our way of life.

He said Democratic socialism might sound benign, but at its core it is Marxism. You turn over your individual freedoms and they will allegedly provide security. They will provide free healthcare, free education, and so on.

When they can’t deliver, you don’t get your freedoms back.

“So that’s what we’re on the verge of having to decide here in this country,” Rubio said. “There’s a reason why people flee countries that have this stuff. It’s a big deal for America and I hope people start waking up to that reality.”

We are under attack from the Progressive Left. If they get power, this economy will collapse.



Democratic Socialism is Socialism. The only goal of Democratic Socialism is Socialism. It’s the benign road to communism.

Socialism is a Marxist-Leninist ideology and many of the concepts are now part of the American vernacular, unfortunately. Wealth redistribution, identity politics, social justice, and all the other justices like climate and economic, political correctness, and full government control over all pillars of society, including industry are now mainstream.

Socialists offer everything for ‘free’ by stealing from those with ‘too much’ because they falsely believe it makes people free. It does the opposite.

While the youth seem to think it’s one man, one vote, and they will be able to vote for everything put into place, it’s not at all the case.

The goal is to abolish private ownership of the means of production. It will abolish all private property, as Bill de Blasio has suggested in New York City. That’s what will be done, and the few will have all the power and wealth in one centralized government.

This creeping communism always begins incrementally and once in power, it accelerates and can’t be stopped.

Whether installed benevolently or violently, human nature is such that communism or its twin socialism, can never work.

Socialists will tell you they want a democracy like Scandinavia, but, in fact, what they are proposing is full communism and it will make us into Venezuela. They will lie and tell you they want to keep capitalism and work within the system when they are actually infiltrating to overturn the system.

Socialism and Capitalism cannot co-exist. They are as opposite as collectivism is from individualism.

Democratic Socialism, Socialism, Communism are by their nature authoritarian. They will rule and the populace has nothing to say. So when Bernie decides to give our taxpayer money to people here illegally, he will just do it. The people will have nothing to say.

He believes illegal aliens are entitled to the same government benefits as citizens:

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Rockets On The Battlefield
Rockets On The Battlefield
3 years ago

It always fails because the comrades ignore human nature and Mother Nature.
Lysenkoism and other half baked kook ideas get laughed at by the cosmos.

The Hall Of Archives
The Hall Of Archives
3 years ago

Yea the people who grew up under Castro or had relatives that escaped from there are probably not too happy with the rise of comrade Bernie.
Read an article at the aggregator saying you can kiss Florida goodbye democrats if you nominate Bernie.
If Cuba is so great why did people risk their bacon over 90 miles of open ocean just to come to mean old racist America?

Stephen S.
Stephen S.
3 years ago

This is like all of that stuff on the internet that is FREE; just give us your credit card number so we can stiff you for shipping and handling.