Sending Soldiers to Somalia Is In Our Interests?


Would someone please explain to me how sending hundreds of military to Somalia is in the United States’ interests? Are they going to join NATO too? Why not? Everyone can join the North Atlantic Treaty, no matter where they are.

The New York Times reports Monday that Biden is planning to redeploy hundreds of U.S. ground forces to Somalia in what’s being called an “open-ended U.S. counterterrorism operation.” How open-ended?

We need an anti-war Republican in 2024.


To get into office, Biden said he was ending wars, including Afghanistan.

U.S. troops will be repositioned from elsewhere in Africa to train and provide other support to Somali forces in their fight against al-Shabab, which is considered the largest and wealthiest affiliate of the al-Qaida extremist organization, the AP reported.

“Our forces are not now, nor will they be, directly engaged in combat operations,” said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby. “The purpose here is to enable a more effective fight against al-Shabab by local forces.”

We’re going to stir up those tensions again. As far as the promise not to engage in combat operations, they might as well admit they’re lying right now. They are already engaged in combat. There are just under 700 soldiers in Somalia and we’ve been actively bombing.

Donald Trump promised to get us out of Somalia but Biden is stepping up the fighting and poking the enemy as he does it. At the same time, he has left our borders wide open.

Do you ever wonder how many of these terrorists are coming through our open borders?

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