Senescent Joe Biden Wanders Through the Presidency


What do you think the Democrats have in store for Republicans before 2024 beyond constantly trying to imprison Donald Trump for the rest of his life? I think they will switch presidential candidates at the last minute. It will be too late to vet them properly. They could pick Gov. Newsom or a lesser-known candidate like Illinois Gov. Pritzker, New Jersey Gov. Murphy, or Gov. Tester of Montana. They could also pick Michelle Obama, and that would give her husband his fourth term.

I don’t know how Biden made it this far, but can they be serious about rerunning him with Kamala Harris as his VP?

Here’s our evidence that he can’t run again – he can’t figure out where he is, is in and out of awareness, and barely knows what he’s saying.

Biden is unfit, and having him as president is ruining the country. Anonymous people, unelected bureaucrats, Barack Obama, and George Soros staff are running the country into the ground, and they have zero accountability. We’re sinking fast.

His trip to North Carolina on Friday with his nursemaid Jill was more proof. It was a military event at Fort Bragg, now Fort Liberty. She was about to introduce Joe when she realized he wasn’t behind her. She lost him and laughed nervously as she looked around.

In this clip, he doesn’t know where to go. He’s confused and probably doesn’t know where he is.

Look at his expression here. He’s out of it, in some kind of dementia trance.

He points at the one soldier in his usual oblivious state.

Biden just repeats what’s on the teleprompter.

Sometimes he can’t even handle reading from a teleprompter.

As usual, he can’t find his way out of a paper bag.

His memory is slipping. The thought is often gone as it enters. The media hides this from Americans and makes him sound sane.

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