Sessions rebukes Trump, “I did my duty and you’re damn fortunate I did”


President Trump does not support Jeff Sessions for the Senate and continues to endorse Tommy Tuberville. He posted another tweet yesterday. But that’s not the news. The news is Jeff Sessions’ reaction to Trump’s endless reminders.

Sessions wrote in response, “Look, I know your anger, but recusal was required by law. I did my duty & you’re damn fortunate I did. It protected the rule of law & resulted in your exoneration. Your personal feelings don’t dictate who Alabama picks as their senator, the people of Alabama do.”

He’s “damn fortunate” he did? It protected the law to allow an Obama drone to take over the probe and appoint a special counsel in bed with Democrats? Every attorney who special counsel Robert Mueller appointed as an investigator was a committed Democrat.

It was four years of hell for the USA and it seriously damaged the presidency. Recusal was NOT required by law, that was very debatable, and, if so, why didn’t he immediately resign?

Sessions is also taking credit for his quasi-exoneration.

Sessions didn’t insult Trump, but telling him he did the right thing might not sit well. Obviously, President Trump won’t agree.

Sessions is standing up for himself and was the first to support President Trump. Perhaps that will be worth something, but it’s unlikely. President Trump doesn’t trust him and he needs loyal people in the Senate.

What do you think? Has Trump gone too far?



    • Actually, I will go with the Experts that Legally said: “He did NOT have to recuse himself and COULD have stood by the POTUS, but he failed, because he was apparently “Deep State” and then he wants Trump to ‘vouch for him in this Senate run as he tries to get back into the game?”
      I’d tell that little “elf to go phluck himself” ……pretty much he was told NOT to use Trump-who does NOT support him…..Turn about Sessions, is FAIR PLAY….even as you AGAIN show your true colors by bashing the POTUS TRUMP…the Boss, YOU BETRAYED!!!!

  1. “I did my duty & you’re damn fortunate I did.”

    One of the most delusional comments I’ve ever heard. sessions ran crying when the going got tough.

      • I would think they threatened him or implied he would be prosecuted along with Trump if he didn’t. In other words, he chickened out…

      • I’ve wondered quite a bit as to whether sessions was a deep state plant who supported Trump to get the AG spot. The deep state needed insurance that their crookedness would be covered up no matter what.

      • And did it so willingly….he didnt even raise any kind of tussle. He laid down like a doormat without so much as a whimper. Even if you werent in on it your actions certainly made it look like you were.

    • Sessions claims he did his Duty and We’re Damn Fortunate he did”…….Who did you do your duty for, Elf Ears- Obama, and his Deep State Corrupt Regime? That is who benefitted, as YOU took down this Republic, with the Chaos and KNOWING that you WOULD recuse yourself, a mere week after Trump hired you?


  2. I think there was a bond between the two for two reasons. It didn’t begin with Sessions endorsing candidate Trump.

    Trump’s first experience came about during Congressional oversight of the UN renovation. I don’t know the details that led up to it but Trump was praising Sessions for his work in uncovering some of the details. At that time the budget for the building has jumped to about 1.2 Billion, and in the hearing Trump laid out how they are spending far more than necessary. He also said it would end up costing even more, which it did, to over 2 billion. He was asked about his estimate. Trump would do it for roughly 700 million. He also pointed out His renovation would have everything new, including marble flooring. The UN would keep the old flooring among other things.

    So, from that time Trump had a great deal of respect for Sessions which was no doubt amplified with supporting his candidacy. But Trump has said many times how he views good friends that abandon him in bad times. What Sessions had done was precisely what happened in Trump’s past with previous “friends”. It may have been different if the “Russia hoax” was merely a blip on the radar. Instead, it was all consuming. So the question is; How could Sessions fulfill His role as AG when the most consuming situation has him on the sidelines. It suggests his role of “being” AG was More important and was put ahead of the country. It was of little consequence that he supported and followed through with other Trump policies. Those didn’t consume the nation. What cannot be overlooked is the carnage that was left in its wake. Many many lives have been irreparably harmed which Trump has brought up. Sessions has failed to realize or even acknowledge that fact.

    • Big deal…Sessions stomped his feet and lashed out. He had way too long a stint sucking the American teat as it is. Alabama should kick him to the curb and give someone a try who might not be a grifter rather than supporting Sessions who has removed all doubt that he IS.

  3. An attempted coup, a witch hunt for non existent crimes based on lies & $40M of taxpayers’ money spent on it, impeachment over non existent crimes based on lies, a weakened executive branch because of this, etc. etc. And Jeff Sessions claims President Trump (and the American people) are damn fortunate he recused himself. First off, he should have informed Trump BEFORE he was nominated as AG he needed to recuse himself it he was required. He knew then what was happening and it is debatable and mostly doubtful if he even needed to recuse himself. And even though he did, he could have still overseen and stopped the disgusting behavior of the weasel Rod Rosenstein. No, Alabama voters, [;ease vote for Tuberville and don’t make another mistake like you did when you threw Judge Roy Moore under the bus based on lies by women who were not molested by him but were actually retaliating against him for acts they or family members committed that were prosecuted by him as an Alabama prosecutor or they didn’t get their way in court when he was a judge.

    • UNfortunately even though JS is A POS, Tuberville is a RINO. JS is a POS but he isn’t a RINO. Tuberville is bascailly a demonrat. so Even though JS is a POS, i prefer him to the RINO

      • I agree with Ace. Sessions has been one of the most consistent immigration patriots that this country and the state of Alabama has had – and he was fighting against this ‘Great Replacement’ agenda of the left and the RINO infested fake right for a lot longer than the Orange Cuck Master has been on the national stage. In fact, I am convinced that this was the #1 reason why Jared Kushner and his co-ethnics wanted to get Sessions out of the Administration and why they now are trying to hand the Senate seat to an open borders, amnesty supporting, treasonous RINO like Tuberville.

        As for the idea the Sessions alone is responsible for the last 3 years of misery that the Orange Cuck blames him for – that is pure B.S. The Orange Moron has allowed Kushner to have the final say on who he has hired to be part of his Administration and the end result is that Jared Kushner – who is a virulently anti-White, liberal, DEMOCRAT has deliberately surrounded Trump with hard core never-Trumpers and/or globalist RINOs with deep ties to the loathsome Bush Wing of the GOP and these RINO rats have worked to stymie any progress on nearly every promised agenda that got Trump elected in 2016.

  4. People are giving this bog lizard far too much credit. His Mossad-assigned job was to betray Trump, and now his Mossad-assigned job is to be another RINO roadblock in DC.

  5. Hard to win against types as crazy, fanatic ruthless as the Demmies–addicted to self serviing manipulation of ‘law’– by bowing to Queensberry.

  6. When you spend a lifetime in the Senate as a gutless windbag for the Stupid Party you lose any sense of Reality or how to actually perform a function rathger than talk about it.

  7. I’m in Alabama. Trump wasn’t my first decision. A Democrat pointed out how Trump could use 3 words to tell his goal and Cruz couldn’t. When Sessions supported Trump, his first endorsement ever, I bought in, and Americans now know how right we were. Trump’s a hero beyond our hopes. Still, Sessions threw his hat in for Trump and that changed things.

    • I hAve to agree he made Trump a viable candidate early on when it mattered. The recusal business makes him look self serving or worse, a coward.
      Probably he should have offered his resignation to Trump rather than take a recusal route, since there never was Russian collusion.
      He refused himself over a Democrat inspired hoax that was actually cooked up by Hillary’s campaign team the night it became obvious she lost the election, which was reported in a book by a couple of reporters who were actually embedded with the campaign and wrote a book named “Shattered”.
      Apparently Hillary ran a very expensive but confused or non-functionalcampaign, which may actually have been coordinated and directed by Hilary, including misdirected side trips at critical times, not going to battleground states and leaving openings and opportunities for Trump.
      Sessions doesn’t seem to be a hard ball politician who will take on the Washington establishment and the national media and call them out on their fake news and fake conspiracies.

  8. I never did understand Sessons reasons for recusal. Personally I think he made a big mistake in doing so because it robbed the People his wisdom and prudence which got him his position in the first place. And the aftermath shows exactly that, that the process ran amok and anything but justice led the way. I’m not in Alabama so my opinion doesn’t matter but I would not vote for the man.

  9. I can understand Sessions taking bad advice, initially. The recusal may have seemd like the “right thing to do”, but he should have been in the fray and when he found out he had been duped, should have withdrawn his recusal and cleaned house. As it was, he retired on the job. Why were you not looking over their shoulders closely when Flynn was indicted, unnecessary midnight raids conducted, persistent leaking and nonsense redactions all gave early warnings? Watching and inspecting was your job. Recusal just impacts direction and decision making. You should have known and reversed yourself.

  10. TWO years and never went after the “Clinton Foundation For Laundering BRIBES” or any other of the swamp rot.
    Senile Sessions should recuse himself from any public office.

  11. Sessions proved himself to be a gutless, deepstate, RINO who stabbed his President in the back. What a worthless waste of space!

  12. What did Sessions even do up there in Washington? Sit around all day and read “Gone with the Wind’?

  13. Jef Sessions is a perfect example of an apparatchik enfeebled by tears of functioning as a drone – a sexless cog in a feckless Party machine which has only mildly protested the destruction of the USA. He is too lobotomized to recognize the stooge in the mirror.

  14. don’t blame Trump for your own cowardice sessions. anything bad happening to you right now is all your own doing and well deserved. you took the cowards way out with an unneeded recusal because of one reason… were SCARED of the deep state and what they might do to you. if you had had an ounce of integrity you have told Trump you couldn’t be his AG and resigned right then. but no, you stayed on, hiding behind rottensteins skirts and putting Trump and this country through 3 years of lies and bs.

    you’re pathetic sessions, just pathetic. I hope tuberville kicks your butt as we have enough cowards in our Congress already. we don’t need another one in you.

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