Sharyl Attkisson believes Obama admin spied on “many, many others”


The larger truth here is now undeniable: The Obama Administration spied on the political competition, it continued that spying even after Mr. Trump was elected, and then it tried to cover up what it had done. If Mr. Trump had done anything remotely similar, folks would be calling to bring back the guillotine.

~ The Wall Street Journal editorial board

The only reporter who has had questions about Obamagate is Catherine Herridge who was attacked for it.

There is another reporter who was a casualty of the Obama spyies, former CBS reporter, Sharyl Attkisson.

“I would say I may not be one of the first victims, but I am one of the first people who was able to identify myself as a target of illegal spying under the Obama administration,” Attkisson told Mediaite in an interview this week. “I believe many, many others were spied on but do not know. It was only thanks to help from intelligence contacts that I even learned that government agents were spying on me. Otherwise, I never suspected it or would have known.”

Attkisson said the Department of Justice has a habit of protecting its own no matter which president is in power.

“Prior to becoming attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions told an acquaintance he was well aware of what had happened to me with the government computer intrusions, and that it was shameful,” Attkisson told Mediaite. “But when he became attorney general, the Justice Department continued using taxpayer funds to fight my case. Numerous members of Congress for years, including several of them recently, have asked the FBI and Justice Department for information about the case, under two presidents, multiple attorneys general and multiple FBI directors, but they continue to get stiff-armed.”

Attkisson said President Trump should weigh in:

“Certainly he is entitled to give direction to his Justice Department, as all presidents do, and convey priorities,” she said. “It seems to me that there are dishonest actors who have tried to convince him that he is not entitled to do these things. I do think somebody at the Justice Department should review the forensic evidence proving the government source of the intrusions, if there were any doubt, offer an immediate apology, stop fighting the lawsuit, begin an honest investigation as to who was responsible and who else was spied on.”

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2 years ago

Hundreds, maybe thousands in the FBI, CIA and DOJ knew all this was going on. No one said a word. We should stop worrying about external and start worrying about the internal enemies. Those agencies need a top to bottom overhaul. The FBI and CIA need to just go away. In DOJ, get rid of every single Obama or Clinton appointee. That’s just a start.

2 years ago

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the USA Constitution states a POTUS must be a natural born citizen. Barry Soetoro was not natural born ! Barry Soetoro obama was and continues to be, the greatest fraud perpetrated on the Citizens of the USA !

Pelosi ignored constitutional requirements for POTUS. Pelosi, a communist herself, never vetted barry’s eligibility. The media never questioned his foreign-born, alleged “father. CONgress never challenged his Indonesian citizen status nor his hiding of his college-funding source. His passport was kept locked away from view along with his birth certificate. His tainted and fraudulent BC only emerging after several years of his constitutional eligibility being challenged.

Several USA citizens challenged barry’s legitimacy in federal courts. Each challenge was ruled by the black-robed criminals as to not having “standing”. “No Standing” is the court’s and prosecuting attorney’s way of declaring the plaintiff’s challenge is legitimate and legal. But for Deep State purposes and maintaining the criminal fraud of TPTB, “No Standing” is the court system telling a plaintiff “I refuse to hear your challenge. Your challenge is dismissed. Go Eff yourself” !

Barry soetoro and the cabal of traitors who supported and “served” Barry’s illegitimate theft of the USA presidency should be tried and punished in accordance with the United States of America’s Constitution !