SFSU Student Association Blames Riley Gaines for Being Assaulted


Associated Students of San Francisco State, the student government at the university, released a memo about the recent Turning Point USA event on campus featuring former NCAA women’s swimming star Riley Gaines. They falsely claimed the swimmer and TPUSA spread “hateful rhetoric and promoted violence” at a recent event. That is the event where Gaines was assaulted by a man in a skirt and his crazed activist friends. She was hit by a man in a skirt, screamed at, threatened and barricaded in a room for hours.

The memo was unbelievable.

“On the evening of Thursday, April 6, 2021, the SF State chapter of Turning Point USA hosted ‘Saving Women’s Sports with Riley Gaines’ on the SF State Campus, an event that promoted discriminatory rhetoric towards trans women athletes,” Associated Students President Karina Zamora began in her memo.

Zamora also claimed that the university’s “Time, Place, and Manner (TPM)” policy was “weaponized to silence and threaten protestors.”

“I believe the ‘enforcement’ of TPM was weaponized to silence and threaten protestors and the presence of police was both excessive and uncalled for,” the Associated Students president said of the event where Gaines was physically attacked.

Ironically, the memo went on to state, “I, as President of Associated Students, condemn and stand against the hateful rhetoric and promotion of violence spread by TPUSA and Riley Gaines as well as the confrontational behavior of the behest of Campus Administration.”

The only person abused was Riley.

Zamora finished up. She must believe a good offense with lies is the best defense.

As President of Associated Students and on behalf of the organization, I call on President Lynn Mahoney and her administration to hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body. I call on campus administrators to work with our students and community to revisit and amend current policies and practices to uplift student voices and protect our student body, including transparency in publicly sharing with the AS Board of Directors how the university plans to move forward with a plausible action plan.

Riley’s Response

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