Sham impeachment trial live, Day 3


Sham impeachment trial is live here, day 3. It’s more of the same with Democrats ripping Donald Trump, but no evidence he colluded with the extremists who stormed the Capitol.

The impeachment managers are pretending his jokes at the rallies caused the insurrection. Democrats didn’t like his rallies and call jokes ‘winks,’ ‘dog whistles,’ and other conspiracy theory nonsense.

By the way, you are not allowed to say, ‘fight like Hell,’ if you are Donald Trump. But if you are a Democrat, go for it.

Watch if you must:

Don Jr discussed it last night:

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1 year ago

mommy mommy Donny told me to throw the rock. It’s his fault, …………………what a sh*t show !!!!!

Dusty and the Springfields
Dusty and the Springfields
1 year ago

Banana Republics always have kangaroo courts and sham proceedings.
Our third world turd status is just beginning as the Satanic Marxist curses of obscene grotesque incompetents elevated to run (ruin) society get going.
Remember the plan is to burn it all down by any means necessary and then implement the Final Solution to the deplorable kulak untermenschen question.
I think we’re going to need a bigger boat…to escape das Heimat or homeland.