Sheriff in LA: Homelessness and violent crime are “existential threats”


The Los Angeles County sheriff calls the violence and homelessness in LA “existential threats.” Over 440 LA county sheriffs have left this year.

The LASD’s highest-ranking official is asking county executives to allow his department to hire hundreds more deputies to address critical issues, such as violent crime and homelessness. This comes as newly obtained statistics show that as of April 30, the agency had already lost more than half of the total number of employees who typically step down in a whole year.

Just Wednesday, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said LASD needs at least 500 more sworn members to address what he called the three “existential threats” – the rise in violent crime, the homeless crisis, and the lack of control within the cannabis industry.

He said there are more criminals on the streets and less accountability. At the same time, the city officials keep defunding the police and they are losing too many officers.

The Sheriff also talks about the outrageous housing issues.

Minorities are the ones who are hurt the most.

Watch this shocking video:

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2 years ago

Welcome to an America run by Democrats! All the Illegal Aliens, Poor, Homeless, and Crime you can tolerate.

John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Does not matter what your level of ‘tolerance’…get used to the totalitarian state…it is going to shoved down your craw, like it or not…

Oskorei Schiachperchten
Oskorei Schiachperchten
2 years ago

Couldn’t we classify the problems as infrastructure and at least get some money thrown at them?