Sheriff Judd on US Taxpayers Funding Criminal Alien Prostitution


Illegal alien criminals funded by NGOs, which the US taxpayer in turn funds, fly for free. Sheriff Grady Judd explained that “federal policy drives immigrant crime and victimization,” and funding it is part of the problem.

Joe McFail should go the rest of the way with the GOP McFails.

In this clip, Sheriff Judd explains the case of a human trafficker who sets up appointments for Venezuelan women who are trafficked to pay their way into the United States. They are indentured.

“Now, here’s what they told us,” the Sheriff said. “All right. I’m sure the federal government will verify that this is not true. But you decide who you want to believe, whether you want to believe these victims of human trafficking are the whitewash the federal authorities give you.

“They said that when they came into the country illegally, DHS gave them a form, an ID, paperwork that allows them to fly for free.

“You know how Southwest will let your bags fly free? Well, the federal government will let your illegal immigrants fly free.

“And they operate out of New York, and they were working up there. And the New York authorities said, hey if you don’t have identification, you can’t work in our sex trade up here. You know, we don’t allow sex trade here at all. But New York allows you to do some stuff if you’ve got the proper authority.

“So they say they make a lot of money. They’re addicted to it..”

Watch the clip from 38:47:

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