Newsom survives the recall


68% say no to recall to a governor who is good at nothing.

Insider and Decision Desk HQ are projecting that Gov. Gavin Newsom will survive the California gubernatorial recall. Decision Desk called the race at 8:21 p.m. PT and 11:21 p.m ET. Per this projected call Newsom will remain governor of California.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom became Tuesday only the second governor in U.S. history to beat back a recall, surviving the campaign to oust him over his novel coronavirus pandemic shutdowns and the state’s myriad economic, environmental and social woes, The Washington Times reported.

Early results in the special election showed that the recall question against the Democratic governor had gone down to defeat.

With 58% of the vote counted, consisting of absentee and early ballots, 68% of the voters had voted “No” on the recall, effectively saying Mr. Newsom should stay in the governor’s mansion.

Newsom had a $75 million war chest thanks to leftist celebrities and donors like George Soros and corporations.




  1. It’s official; CA remains the land of fruits & nuts pedophiles, perverts, criminals, holy wood druggies alcoholics and whack jobs, indigent illegals and other assorted human debris. Roll up your pants it’s too late to save your shoes. Too all the decent people who tried my heat goes out to you.

  2. Did anyone think that the fix was not in? California is a corrupt lost cause until the Justice Department is willing to step in. I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Charlie Kirk is sure putting a spin on it. “There’s still a shot”. Is he still getting 10%, off the top, of receipts for his salary.

  4. Maybe now California will be blessed with Newsom instituting the most harshest lockdown and Covid restrictions to date. Enough of those in California are quite pleased with their lives.

  5. No surprise. The fix was in from the beginning. Either we eliminate universal mail-in ballots and dominion voting machines, or the same will happen in the 2022 midterms.

  6. I don’t need no steenking proof to know that the recall election was rigged from the getgo. I knew that Gov. Nuisance was goin’ nowhere when it all started. The dems/leftists have all and any elections in CA, and other blue states, set up to keep them in power forever.
    The only actions which could change the power structure in the blue areas/states would be a massive uprising by the law-abiding citizens of those commie controlled areas. Which may be in the near future.
    It won’t be pretty, but that is what it will take. Barring a miracle of some sort, of course.
    God help us all.

  7. The Democrat Crime Syndicate stole a large percentage of votes from republicans. Right from the start there were those reports of people being told at the polls , “That someone had already voted for them.” What the hell are they going to do about that kind of BS? Shrug their shoulders?

  8. 58% of all dead voters voted No. 58% of all duplicate ballots voted No.

    Since no one in CA cared to try to stop the fraud, since no one in CA wanted to do anything more than complain, CA gets what it deserves. It can burn in hell and all the crybaby whiners can go down with it.

    Newsrum will take this as a mandate to double down on stupid things. Better buckle up, you all are in for a rough ride.

    Thinking of leaving Ca now? Don’t come here. We don’t want spineless whiners in our state.

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