Shocking CBP Report! Thousands of Criminals Coming In!


screenshot of illegals pouring in

A top U.S. Border Patrol official sounded the alarm on Wednesday, warning that the “breaking point” has indeed arrived. Illegal aliens, many who are sick, are now crossing the border in groups of hundreds at a time, with total apprehensions on the southern border now reaching 4,000 per DAY, and the month of March is on track to exceed 100,000.

The hard-left’s plan is to overwhelm the system.

The Central American migrants are now showing up in groups exceeding 100 at a time, and often over 200 at a time, creating major havoc for overwhelmed border agents. CBP said Wednesday that so far this fiscal year, they have apprehended 93 groups of over 100 migrants.

It’s a dire emergency. There are THOUSANDS OF CRIMINALS pouring in, according to Border Patrol. Criminal organizations are benefitting from the fact that there is reduced border patrol presence because they are helping sick migrants.

These numbers were reached in 2007 but most were Mexicans and they could be returned immediately. These new migrants are from Central America and cannot be returned thanks to court orders and laws. They will be released.

The migrants, who are abused by the criminals on the journey, are coming in by a hundred or two hundred at a time. All will be released and will never be deported. It’s a certainty, Border Patrol said today.

It’s all due to court orders. Congress would have to act immediately to reverse these court orders.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) said Thursday that President Trump is trying “demonize” the situation at the southern border for his “own political gain.” He represents the Democrat mantra. Thank a Democrat for this. Democrats know they will vote for Democrats and the further left, the better. They will ruin the country.

Listen to this shocking press conference if you care at all:

It was so bad recently that one border agent near McAllen, Texas reportedly blasted out a text to a friend, along with photos of the massive crowd of an illegal alien.

Laura Kirby, whose Facebook page says she lives in San Antonio, Texas, posted the following on her page:

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Utopia Is Banished
Utopia Is Banished
4 years ago

Import the third world and get the third world. Where will they go when it is North Mexico?
Locally they own all healthcare and pay nothing for school supplies and lunches.
Went to the hospital for annual visit and there was a mariachi band blasting away in the lobby during midday break.
They stand at the entrance of gov offices and throw elbows when some cracka shows up for an appointment.

4 years ago

Welcome to America, the newest shithole country.