Shocking Democrat bill will allow HHS to censor social media


Democrats, never letting a crisis go to waste, are seizing on the criticisms of Facebook allowing ‘misinformation’ to pass a bill to police the Internet. They are proposing ab bill that would put the Department of Health and Human Services in charge of labeling misinformation posts, The Daily Mail reported.

This is Big Brother. The people in the White House are neo-fascists and communists.

“What we’re going to continue to do is make the vaccine available, we’re going to continue to work in partnership to fight misinformation and we’re going to continue to advocate and work in partnership with local officials and entrusted voices to get the word out,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said last week.

Biden himself misled the public during the CNN town hall this week. He said You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations,’ even as his own White House deals with ‘breakthrough’ cases of infection among staff. 

Some Democrats are talking about limiting Section 203, however, they want the job of censoring. They plan to put themselves in charge instead.

This is not freedom and it’s not acceptable.


The Health Misinformation Act, as it is named, is co-sponsored by Democrat Senators Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico.

“Under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, digital platforms have legal immunity from liability for the content users post. The law—which was intended to promote online speech and allow online services to grow—now distorts legal incentives for platforms to respond to digital misinformation on critical health issues, like Covid-19, and leaves people who suffer harm with little to no recourse,” the press release said.

HHS Will Be In Charge

“The Health Misinformation Act would create an exception to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act’s liability shield for platforms with algorithms that promote health-related misinformation related to an existing public health emergency, as declared by the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS). The legislation directs HHS to issue guidelines as to what constitutes health misinformation,” it said.

Lives at Stake BS

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube did little while COVID-19 related misinformation spread on their platforms – fueling distrust in public health officials, promoting conspiracy theories, and putting lives at risk. Online platforms must stop the spread of deadly misinformation, and I’m proud to introduce this legislation with Senator Klobuchar to hold these companies accountable,” Luján said. “As COVID-19 cases rise among the unvaccinated, so has the amount of misinformation surrounding vaccines on social media. Lives are at stake.”

“For far too long, online platforms have not done enough to protect the health of Americans,” Klobuchar said. “These are some of the biggest, richest companies in the world and they must do more to prevent the spread of deadly vaccine misinformation. Earlier this year, I called on Facebook and Twitter to remove accounts that are responsible for producing the majority of misinformation about the coronavirus, but we need a long-term solution. This legislation will hold online platforms accountable for the spread of health-related misinformation. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us how lethal misinformation can be and it is our responsibility to take action.”

Any excuse to seize complete control is used, and they are getting away with it.



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2 years ago

So when is the SCOTUS going to get their heads out of each other’s asses? In Red States a solid majority of people have no confidence in the SCOTUS, The Traitor Joe Administration, or the Congress. They see the Deep State Bureaucracies, Like HHS, as a threat to The People. Luckily, the People in Blue States are slowly coming around to the understanding at the Federal Government has been taken over by Card Carrying Communist.

The Federal Government (Deep State) is also beginning to realize that the Military will be on the side of The People and that now means the military will not be on the side of Federal Government Bureaucrats. This is why the Government is now trying to purge Patriots from it’s ranks. The Government is also trying to figure out how they will pull off a gun grab, but smart people have been hiding the bulk of their weapons stash and Ammo. The Government knows that a 3 million Strong Bureaucracy, and a million strong military they can’t count on, will be no match for well over 100,000,000 Well-Regulated (i.e well equipped) Patriots, and they are losing the Propaganda War to boot.

We are heading towards interesting and very dangerous times come November 2022. It will be the Democrats and their Deep State trying to hold on to power by any means. What has the Deep State scared to Death is the number of people who are getting smart and going off the “Internet” or even the grid all together. For instance, I’m not a cell phone person. I don’t need a dog leash in my pocket, but I keep a phone in my car with the Battery removed for emergencies. With the Battery removed it will last longer, and I also can’t be tracked by my cell phone. I also live in a small town without traffic cameras. The most well armed Americans live in small towns and don’t have much of an “Internet” foot print.

Think you don’t have anything to hide? Ask the people being held in jail in DC who’s only crime was being in DC on January 6th if they thought they didn’t have anything to hide. Don’t ever think a Totalitarian Deep State won’t turn on a Liberal after they have power. Most people under 40 now have your whole life on the Internet and there is someone, someplace in the Deep State, that you will piss off and they will come after you and everyone else they don’t like regardless of your Political affiliation. History has shown us that National Governments with too much police powers will become Totalitarian. The US Government has more Police Power and Intelligence capability than any Nation in History. This will not end well. Our only hope is a Small Government President and a Small Government Congress. Anything else will eventually lead to Civil War. In the past, I have spent more than half my adult life working for the Federal Government and have seen the seedy under belly of the Deep State first hand. There are a lot of powerful people like Fauci doing insane things without the knowledge of the Congress or the People. At it’s Core, Fauci was Financing Weapons of Mass Destruction with ZERO Government oversight and there are many other programs underway and hidden from the Congress. What’s insane about what Fuaci was doing is that this was being done on the soil of an adversary where there wouldn’t be whistle blowers.

The Government and Politicians lie to you, so look at actions and don’t listen to words! The Main Stream Press is not only worthless, but their Propaganda is a threat. There are very good people in the Government who are Patriots, but they are not in positions of power; the Socialist / Communist are. Wake Up America, we are already past the point of no return without blood shed. The question now is only how much!

Thunderbolt Grease Slapper
Thunderbolt Grease Slapper
2 years ago

Using the hive borg is a choice and not mandatory…for now.
Almost time for hermit On Walden Pond as the open air mental asylum grows ever more grotesque.
James on Walden Bond.