WHO let the CCP veto scientists investigating the origins of COV


The Chinese government has too much control of the World Health Organization. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Beijing was granted veto power over which scientists were allowed to take part in the mission to investigate the origins of the Wuhan Chinese virus from China.

According to the Journal, the constraints placed on the WHO team rendered the scientists unable to conduct a thorough investigation into the virus’ origins.

Shocker! This is the organization Dr. Fauci couldn’t wait to rejoin.

A team of more than a dozen scientists, including one American, visited Wuhan last month, where they met with Chinese authorities and scientists to figure out how the coronavirus first infected humans.

A report of the investigation is expected to be released next week, after Chinese authorities have had a chance to review it and make edits, according to the Journal.

What a joke. The scientist we sent is in the bag for the CCP.

The sole U.S. rep, British-born Peter Daszak is a zoologist whose organization EcoHealth Alliance has studied bat-borne viruses with Wuhan lab scientists for 15 years, and has categorically denied that researchers keep the mammals for testing.

However, The Daily Mail established that the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) filed an application in June 2018 to patent ‘bat rearing cages’ which would be “capable of healthy growth and breeding under artificial conditions.”

The patent, which has been seen by the Mail, was granted in January 2019 – 11 months before Beijing reported that the first cases of the virus in the city had broken out just a few miles from the institute.

Daszak is a rabid protector of the China lab. In early 2020, he organized a PR campaign against the theory that the leak originated in the lab studying bat COV viruses as part of a bioweapon effort.

He helped make it impossible to even mention the possibility on air, in the newspapers or in social media.

He came back from his ‘investigation saying it was “extremely unlikely” the virus originated in the lab studying viruses that had 96.2% of the same DNA as the COVID-19.

Daszak said The WHO would no longer even consider the theory as a possible origin of the virus.

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