Shocking Lawlessness on Behalf of ‘Protesters’ with Police Joining Them!!!


I have attended protests for the right and they never let anyone block the streets, but it’s different in the liberal precincts when the left is involved. It’s completely lawless. It’s so lawless that police join in the march with these scoundrels.

In this clip, a young woman with a small child in the car in Fredericksburg, Virginia, couldn’t drive because protesters blocked the road. The 9/11 operator told her they are allowed to do that and have a permit.

The “protesters” started climbing all over her car. The driver became quite upset and only when she was near tears, did the operator say she’d tell the police. That doesn’t mean they came.

Is this lawlessness really what people want? I can’t believe Democrats want this.

Pathetically, the police joined in the march with the BLM ‘protesters’ who never help black people who need it.  What kind of police officers march with a anti-police group?

It was a mostly peaceful Black Lives Matter ‘protest.’

Listen, it’s upsetting:

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