Shocking! MSNBC viewers’ average age is 68, & they aren’t watching either


We already reported that CNN’s ratings are pathetic. They are down 65% overall and down 71% in the key demographic, 25-54. MSNBC is down 48%. Fox is only down 12%. CNN’s shows can’t break one million viewers without Trump to bash.

There is more as Glen Greenwald states. The median age of MSNBC viewers is 68 years old. Nine out of ten MSNBC viewers are over 55. Even among the elderly, barely anyone watches these shows.

Glenn writes:

“The demographics are even more amazing. They basically talk only to the elderly. 9 out of every 10 MSNBC viewers on the weekend — 90%! — are over 55. The median age of their viewers is 68 years old! But even among the elderly, barely anyone watches. The numbers are shocking.”

“Because the political/media class cares about cable news, I don’t think it’s sunk in how the audience for MSNBC & CNN has disappeared almost completely. On the weekend, there’s basically nobody under 55 watching MSNBC. They barely get 50,000 people! Any YouTube video gets more.”

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