Shocking Truth! Climate: The Movie


Climate: The Movie is a film everyone should see before they become too enthusiastic about destroying our economy and way of life for the climate scam. It’s available to watch below and on X, rumble, and YouTube. YouTube put warning labels on it, and it appears to be shadow-banning the film.

It’s a new documentary by filmmaker Martin Durkin. It destroys the scam in one hour and ten minutes.

Durkin is a former revolutionary communist turned libertarian. He interviewed many world-famous academics and researchers who make it clear that the earth’s climate has always been changing, and it is not the result of human activity.

Without receiving any publicity, it is going viral. It rejects any idea that we’re in the middle of a climate crisis or emergency. It has received millions of views and is translated into ten languages. It’s very entertaining. I flashed the YouTube video onto my smart TV, and the 80 minutes went very quickly.

A cast of renowned scientists, including the winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize for physics, say the science is not settled, and there is no consensus.

They make it clear that it’s a fake science thinly or dishonestly supported. The evidence from the UN does not support what they say it supports. People are making a great deal of money over this scam.

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