Shooting outside Trump International Beach Resort – Rapper involved


A drive-by outside the Trump International Beach Resort left one person dead. Three people were shot and two suspects are in custody. Rapper NBA Youngboy, age 19, survived the shooting. His girlfriend Kay Marie was shot.

According to TMZ, the rapper is being detained. Eyewitnesses also claimed that NBA Youngboy’s security “went after and killed the person who sprayed NBA Youngboy vehicle with what cops think was a [sic] AK 47 type gun,” but this has not yet been confirmed to HollywoodLife by police officers investigating the case.

Early reports claimed it was a road rage incident, but it sounds more like a gang hit.

Three people are suspected in the shooting, and two are in custody, according to The site received confirmation that a 19-year-old woman was hospitalized in Aventura, and another person died at the scene of the crime. Much of the details surrounding the shooting remain unknown, however, NBA Youngboy was staying in the hotel in Florida, TMZ reported.

Now let’s see if they can somehow pin this on President Trump.

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