Shut Up and Study! U of Pittsburgh Students Make 15 Demands Including Disarming Police


The crazies at the University of Pittsburgh want free tuition and disarmed police for starters. When the professors agree to work for nothing, that might be workable.

This public university, a recipient of large grants, is currently paying the price for taking in students who have no business going near an institution of higher learning. The Social Justice Marxists on campus have made 15 demands which would be funny if they weren’t actually serious.

Why don’t they shut up and study? That would be a novel idea. Crazy Universities are seeing declining enrollment because of extremist nut like this. Take Evergreen and Mizzou as two examples.

The school newspaper, the Pitt Maverick listed the demands as follows:

  1. That all student workers be paid a minimum, living wage of $15 an hour.
  2. That the university freezes tuition hikes, and advocates for federal cancellation of student debt and free tuition.
  3. That the university vocally endorses a grad student union.
  4. That the university immediately stops spending money, time and resources on union busting tactics, and creating intimidating environments that prevent workers from having free choice
  5. That the university divest its financial holdings in fossil fuels
  6. That the university takes a firm stance against private prisons. Any investments or connections between private prison corporations and the University of Pittsburgh should be made transparent and terminated.
  7. That the university declares itself a sanctuary campus
  8. That gender-neutral bathrooms are accessible in every campus building
  9. That the university promises a real commitment to diversifying the student body (in class, race, gender/sexuality), investing in cultural organizations, rather than merely advertising itself as diverse institution.
  10. That the university prioritizes and provides affordable housing for all student tenants.
  11. That the university sustainably invest in the interest of the Pittsburgh community, rather than its own interest, or those of the board of trustees
  12. That all campus cops are disarmed and that city cops are banned from campus
  13. That the university commits to increased transparency in its investments, and that students, faculty, staff and alumni know exactly where Pitt’s money is going
  14. That the university commits to switching to renewable energy
  15. That Chancellor Gallagher takes a 10 percent paycut to hike employee pay

This came via Campus Reform. Check it out, it’s a great website.

Watch the little Nazis protest.

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