Sick Hillary Clinton’s Very Sick Tweet


I have seen some sick tweets, but this takes all. Hillary Clinton seems to think the tweet below is funny. The woman is not only demonizing the President, but she’s also demeaning America. All this woman can do is tear things down. What good has she accomplished?

Clinton has been tweeting nasty comments attacking the President non-stop during a crisis not of his making. What do you think of this tweet:


We really dodged a bullet with her. The failed presidential candidate thinks people dying is worthy of flip comments or jokes.

Remember Benghazi! She tried to get out of the hot seat during her hearing for pretending Benghazi was over a video and made this callous statement:

When Gaddafi was brutally killed, torn apart inside with a machete, she said this:

Let’s not forget how she laughed when she won a rape case by two men of a young girl. She made the 14-year-old girl out to be a whore and got the two rapists off. She laughed, knowing they probably did it.

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Just Like That
Just Like That
3 years ago

This demon hates America with a vengeance and yes we did dodge destruction in 2016.
I remember jumping for joy at 2AM when it was clear that Trump would win.
The best election ever.
The next day dawned and it was incredibly beautiful with vivid sunshine and chirping birds.
Thanks to God for giving the republic one last chance.

Frank S.
Frank S.
3 years ago

A special place in Hell waiting to claim this soulless woman.

John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago
Reply to  Frank S.

“Evil incarnate”!!!