Sick Infants Hospitalized Due to Shortage of Baby Formula


After months of doing nothing, Biden finally acts on the dangerous baby formula shortage, as infants are admitted to hospitals in the US due to shortages and one pediatrician says the “crisis” is worsening.

The Biden regime secured 78,000 pounds of baby formula from Germany. That doesn’t seem like much. It is enough to make 1.5 million eight-ounce bottles arriving this week. There are roughly 3.8 million babies born in a year in the US. Infants start out drinking 2 ounces and soon go to 8 ounces. As they grow, they need 39 ounces a day. It just isn’t much formula.

The problem began with supply chain issues last Fall and the Abbott Labs’ Michigan plant closed in February. No action was taken in that time.

Remarkably, the administration acts as if they’re heroes.


Sick babies are being hospitalized after drinking from different formulas because their parents could not find their brands.

The Medical University of South Carolina confirmed that at least four babies have been admitted to the hospital due to the formula shortage as of Thursday night, while Dr. Mark Corkin said he’s treating two toddlers for the same issue at the Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, CBS reported.

An unknown number of babies are also being treated at a hospital in Atlanta.

Dr. Mark Corkin, of Le Bonheur, described it as a “crisis” and said that hospitals could only provide short-term solutions for hungry infants.


The White House is focused on Abbott Labs, but the supply chain problems caused significant problems by last October. Federal regulators were also warned last Fall of a problem at the Michigan plant by a whistleblower. A former employee – the whistleblower – claimed there were problems back as far as 2019 and the FDA didn’t act at that time. the whistleblower could just be a disgruntled employee.

Additionally, Abbott said it wasn’t their formula that made the babies sick.

Abbott initiated a recall of its infant formula products and closed its Michigan plant in February after reports of serious bacterial infections in four infants, worsening a shortage among multiple manufacturers that began with pandemic supply chain issues.

Abbott provides nearly half of the baby formula in the country.

Consumers reported four infants who were sick, including three with Cronobacter sakazakii infections and one with Salmonella newport, who had been fed formula products made at the Sturgis plant. A fourth infant with cronobacter sakazakii was later added to the investigation by the U.S. Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC).

The recall began in mid-February with dozens of types of Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare powdered formulas.

The Michigan plant closed in February.


Abbott says there is no evidence to link its formulas to these illnesses. The FDA and the CDC have not disclosed any information that connects the illnesses and the plant. FDA officials said that the investigation was impeded by having only two of the four sickened babies’ clinical samples.

The CDC analyzed clinical samples from two of the infants and did not find a genetic match to the environmental strains found at the plant. It also said the bacteria from the patient samples were not closely related to one another.

The FDA and Abbott tested environmental and product samples at the plant. They found five environmental samples containing Cronobacter sakazakii. The product samples tested negative.

Another delay was caused when the FDA didn’t answer Abbott’s calls to inspect the plant. The FDA apologized and will investigate.

Many babies rely on a single brand of formula due to allergies or restrictions on what they can consume, leaving parents in distress amid the shortage.

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1 year ago

When I was born, I transitioned from my mother’s milk to Budweiser.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

I hope the parents of these starving children remember just who is doing this to their babies: Puppet Joe Biden, his handlers who engineered his anointment to the Presidency and the Democrat Party that is propping him up.