“Sick Son of a B*” Beto Tore Into Presser to Blame Gov. for Uvalde Murders


Former failed Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tore into a press conference by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday to blame Gov. Abbott for the murders in Uvalde. It’s how the furry campaigns. Child and teacher murders are just politics to Democrats.

17 of 19 murdered children and 2 teachers who were murdered.

He interrupted the presser to push for more gun control. This followed the massacre of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. The presser was to address the horrific murders.

Beto is running for Governor and this was part of his campaign

“This was totally predictable” O’Rourke can be heard shouting, adding “The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing.”

“This is on you,” he exclaimed.

To which Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin shouted back: “You’re out of line… I can’t believe you’re a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue.”

If the leftists wanted a serious discussion, they’d stop blaming innocent people for political expediency.


Even a CBS reporter who was present said that people saved seats for him and his crew in a “clearly staged political stunt. She says it at 4:01. Later the CBS mouthpiece tried to cover up her statement by saying the press conference was staged. He claimed they were equivalent.

Robert Francis O’Rourke, the fake Hispanic nicknamed ‘Beto’, is confused:


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Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 month ago

Another lunatic who could use a good ass kicking.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Talk about a sad, mentally deranged fool – he would make as “good” a president as the incumbent…Ukraine and covid are not going as expected…so the sixth wave is on ‘hold’ to clear the way for ‘monkey pox’…and the fbi/cia will not be ‘coming down’ on KNOWN ‘sickos’…

1 month ago

Traitorous Democrats are worried that Patriotic Americans will be coming for them soon. From what I’m hearing on the streets, they should be worried. Another stolen election will not go over well. Patriots are giving the Traitors a means to leave peaceably. If they are smart they will take it.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Hope you ARE right!!!