Significant evidence of voter fraud found in several swing states


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The conclusion of the Voter Integrity Project, after an in- depth investigation, is that the voting process has run so poorly in the United States that they cannot in any way guarantee Joe Biden is the winner of the 2020 election. The deep analysis they used shows that there is significant evidence in several states of various forms of rampant fraud.

Georgia, Arizona, and Wisconsin were especially disturbing.

Every time someone does bring potential voter fraud up, the person or persons are silenced.

Democrats and their media are primarily the people who shut down these concerns.

The problems with our election are so severe and so widespread that with all the resources in the world, they could not tell you who won this election.

Watch this and see it through to the end:


As we reported yesterday, thousands of people in Georgia voted from businesses and POs which they disguised as residences.

Now we find out that nearly all of them did not vote on Election Day.

As with Georgia, the investigators discovered 1400 early and absentee voters registered residential addresses to postal facilities in Pennsylvania.



  1. Excellent work on exposing the fraud! Thank everyone for their hard work! Here, i was worried that the self proclaimed “Time Traveler” from 2017 was wrong
    When he said Trump will be relected. Trump wasn’t even planning on rerunning…lol

  2. Elections? A white male construct of the capitalist pig patriarchy. Just charge up my EBT and put a bag of chronic (pot, weed, cannabis) in every rubber chicken.
    Just go out and about on any given day and you’ll see a society that is fundamentally destroyed.
    I get a kick out of busting moves around trucks that hog up the obsolete two lane interstate.
    The laughter feels good as I see the mean mugs on faces in the rear view.

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