SUNY students with COV can’t leave the campus?


SUNY Chancellor

The Progressive chancellor at the State University of New York has told all 140,000 students living on campus that they can’t leave for the Thanksgiving holiday without a COVID test.

About 140,000 students who attend the State University of New York system will be required to test negative for the COVID virus before they are permitted to leave campus for Thanksgiving break.

Direction issued from the Soviet-style Chancellor’s Office mandated that students self-administer a saliva swab diagnostic test and return that test for processing.

In a statement to reporters, SUNY Chancellor, comrade Jim Malatras said the policy was enacted to “ensure” that students don’t spread the virus to their families.

“By requiring all students to test negative before leaving, we are implementing a smart, sensible policy that protects students’ families and hometown communities and drastically reduces the chances of COVID-19 community spread. While we understand there is a lot of focus on plans for the spring semester, we must first finish this semester safely. I want to thank our students for the phenomenal effort during these difficult times as well as SUNY health policy experts for helping us create this guidance that ensures a safe wind down of the fall semester.”

Uh, that sounds unconstitutional. Maybe he misspoke, but it sounds like he won’t let them leave.

By what authority, other than unelected health bureaucrats, does the SUNY Chancellery have to involuntarily sequester students who test positive of COVID, especially when many among them may be asymptomatic?


In Britain, people can get a ‘Freedom Pass” if they take a COV test twice a week.

Canada Prime Minister Trudeau is doing one better. He’s building camps for people with COV. They’re voluntary, at least for now.

The Canadian government has announced funding for voluntary quarantine sites for some of the country’s homeless and has made plans to expand self-isolation capacity for returning international travelers without suitable places to go, but Canadians will not be compelled to leave their homes for so-called COVID “camps,” a spokesperson for Health Minister Patty Hajdu told CBC News.

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