Simpson Testified There’s a Spy in the Trump Campaign, WaPo Knows Who It Is [Videos]


If Kimberly Strassel is correct, the DoJ/FBI planted at least one mole inside the Trump campaign. If true, someone must answer for this. Ms. Strassel isn’t the first to report this. Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson testified to it in June 2016. This is much too serious to allow the DoJ/FBI to stonewall.

Kimberly Strassel, editor of the Wall Street Journal, has figured out that there was likely a spy within the Trump campaign based on information that was released this week. Everyone should read her article titled, ‘About that FBI Source’. She discussed it briefly Friday on ‘Happening Now’.

Simpson Said There Was a Spy Within the Trump Campaign or Trump Organization

Glenn Simpson testified in June 2016 that there was a spy within the Trump campaign or organization. Sen. Dianne Feinstein leaked the testimony. NY Mag and others reported on it in January. It was thought at that time George Papadopoulos was possibly the source, however, we now know there is a different source.

The DoJ wants to keep the name secret and they want to quash the subpoena by claiming the source’s life would be in danger.

The Guardian reported on January 9: Elsewhere in his 312-page testimony, Simpson told the senators that “an internal Trump campaign source” or “a human source from inside the Trump organization” had reported his or her concerns to the FBI.

Slate reported:

Simpson said that he would decline to identify the apparent source inside the Trump campaign to the Judiciary Committee, “because obviously it’s been in the news a lot lately that people who get in the way of the Russians tend to get hurt.”

He did say that the purported FBI informant was not one of the sources for Steele’s own dossier and that the person reportedly came forward to investigators independently.

Former president Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign in 2016 and even into his presidency. His staff of far-left toadies unmasked American citizens working in the campaign. Sally Yates ordered a counter-intelligence operation on General Flynn under a dead letter Logan Act. Carter Page was spied on with a sketchy FISA warrant.

Slate also reported that Simpson said the source did it voluntarily because of concerns. Simpson would not say if he vetted the information.

Glenn Simpson certainly didn’t want the dossier to be the only so-called evidence.

Yesterday, it was revealed on the pages of the The Wall Street Journal that Deep State had a spy inside the Trump campaign or in close contact with them.

The Obama administration spied on an opponent’s campaign. We haven’t even touched on the dossier, an unverified opposition research document funded by Democrats. It’s release was a contrivance of then-CIA director John Brennan.

The Washington Post Knows Who It Is

Rush Limbaugh discussed the issue yesterday and explained that The Washington Post likely, almost definitely, knows who the spy — “the secret source” — is. The fact that the spy is a U.S. citizen does open up the possibility that it could and will be revealed.

Now we move to the Kimberly… Well, I think it’s Kimberly Strassel wrote it. It’s the Wall Street Journal editorial that runs today. “The latest intel leak is designed to block a House subpoena. Late Tuesday the Washington Post published a story with the headline ‘Secret intelligence source who aided Mueller probe is at center of latest clash between Nunes and Justice Department.’

The story [in the Post] reports that House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes recently sent a classified letter and subpoena to the Justice Department demanding information about a ‘top secret intelligence source.’” Now, the editorial at the Journal says, “The story’s bias is that Mr. Nunes — you know, a nasty House Republican,” a really rascally Republican, “is threatening to compromise national security,” by trying to find out who this informant is. “Yet the article itself discloses details that suggest the Post already knows who this ‘top secret’ source is.

“For example, the source is a ‘U.S. citizen,’ has been an informant for both ‘the CIA and FBI,’ and has provided information that was given to” Mueller. So the Journal editorial claims the Post already knows who this source is — and if they do, why can’t Nunes? Well, Nunes learning somehow would violate national security. “The story also says intelligence officials fear that outing the source could ‘damage relationships with other countries.’” Well, only if the source is a foreign citizen, but we know now the source isn’t.

No one seems to know why Trump won’t unseal these documents and end this charade. Rush Limbaugh said Friday on his radio show that he believes Trump is letting them expose themselves.

Washington Post Can Know the Source, But Not Congress

The other question is who is this source? We now know the dossier was a Democratic Party-Clinton Campaign document. Who is the source? A Never Trumper? That is information that we have to know.

The House Intelligence Committee under Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy wants this information. They have been given a rundown but not the name of the spy. The Republicans have not seen the documents.

The entire argument that the spy could be endangered is simply a way of stopping the subpoena.

The Washington Post says that Nunes is threatening to compromise national security by revealing the source. Meanwhile, The Washington Post knows who it is but Congress can’t know.

Some possible moles mentioned are Professor Stefan Halper and White House aide Uttam Dhillon. Carter Page said he is not the mole. We don’t think it’s any of the three.

Updated on May 12, 2018 with two videos


  1. The whole story is suspicious. If this source had information on Trump it would already be in use by Mueller. Instead, Mueller is groping. Since Nunes is so interested, I suspect it was someone planted by the government into the campaign.

  2. PURE BULL CRAP every claim of confidentiality due to “national security” has been covering up ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

    This needs to end. the American people are rapidly reaching a boiling point. There had better bet arrests and indictments SOON

  3. The dossier mentions an informant but doesn’t indicate that person gave any information to Steele.

    Apparently Nunes / Gowdy didn’t receive any information from DOJ and This sounds like, once again, stalling tactics by the Department. Are they hoping for the Midterms and a change in leadership. It seems so.

    From what I gather Comey made a call to Mueller right after being fired, and it is suspected Mueller had him “leak” his memo to help in getting a Special Counsel. If any of this is true, this could all be literal revenge by the parties involved, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, since they are all connected over the past years. It does seem Mueller and his team show obsessive zealotry in their investigation. They have went after people with the loosest of ties to Trump resulting in catastrophic financial repercussions. Very few in Congress will even stand up for these individuals and instead maintain Mueller must continue. It’s as if those Republicans prefer to send a signal to anyone that will stand up with Trump can and will be destroyed.

  4. One of the reasons Justice is withholding information is because of unauthorized leaks which is what Rosenstein mentioned at Law Day. Yet, how many leaks have been from the Mueller investigation. The leaks are so widespread one would think they have opened a “public information” office. Has Sessions or Rosenstein ever, even once, come out condemning those leaks and say they will prevent any future leaks. That’s why I believe this entire affair is, and began, as revenge for the Comey firing. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosenstein felt “compelled” to write his report and has regretted doing so. His attitude about investigating Congress and the statement of “extortion” is more indication of HIS character.

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