SJW Clinton judge orders full restoration of DACA


President Trump tried to get rid of the DACA program, which allows illegal aliens brought into the United States as children to remain in the country. That ‘law’ was put in place with a mere memo by Barack Obama. It is unconstitutional

Even a memo by Obama can’t be erased, not even by the next president.

Now a federal judge has ordered it reinstated.

So, federal judges and former presidents have more power than President Trump.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis fully restored the Obama-era program after the Trump administration has sought to end it since September 2017. The judge ordered the Department of Homeland Security to begin accepting first-time applications on Monday.

The administration can now appeal to a federal appeals court or go to the Supreme Court for temporary relief from enforcement of the judge’s order.

After the leftists win DACA, they will go for DAPA, which allows close relatives of the DACA to stay in the country.

Garaufis is a terrible far-left judge who was appointed by Bill Clinton. His decision was expected. As we said, he ordered the restoration of DACA in 2017. He’s a social justice warrior who enforced racial quotas on the NYFD.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

How in America can a “memo” carry more weight than an executive order which can be overturned by another executive order? We would probably find out this worthless memo probably carries more weight than an actual law if one had been written to dismiss or overturn it.

2 years ago

Hey “Judge”, show me where in the Constitution this DACA program is allowed.
Somebody please fire this commie JINO(judge in name only). Or bring ’em up on charges to remove him.
Unconstitutional decisions should not be allowed to stand.

The Not So Great Reset
The Not So Great Reset
2 years ago

Memo? It isn’t etched on a stone tablet and placed in the National Archive?
Remember Fundamental Transformation? That wasn’t just a catchy slogan like defund the police.