Skater Identifying as a Woman Makes a ‘Brave’ Entrance


Finland sent a biological man – identifying as a woman – to skate at the championship games to make a statement on behalf of transgenders. He had an embarrassing fall and had to be rescued by one of the flag holders.

The 59-year-old former farmer turned woman was part of the European Figure Skating Championships’ opening ceremony in Espoo.

The ‘skater’ named Minna-Maaria Antikainen, formerly Markku-Pekka Antikainen, skated awkwardly with the spotlight on him as the first transgender skater and then went down with the spotlight still on him.

The biological man is described as brave. He was. It takes courage to skate at a European figure skating championship when you can’t skate.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

There are plenty of Finnish young ladies who were denied a chance to skate there because this mentally ill attention hound was chosen. They practice and hope for years to get that chance. That is an injustice.

Look how far left and irrational western nations are. This is self destruction. The west is putting its worst foot forward in many ways. This misfit symbolizes that.

1 month ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

The crowds need to either boycott these events all together or laugh and boo these clowns until they leave. Same with the girls swim teams . . they should not even dive off those starting blocks . . let the girly boy dive in by itself and just stand there and laugh.

1 month ago

I haven’t seen anything this funny since Chris Farley skated topless as an Olympic ice skater.