Sky News on the guy with nukes who probably can’t handle google maps


Sky News Australia gives us some facts about the USA and Joe Biden – dementia patient.

“Joe Biden doesn’t look like he can handle Google maps and this guy is in charge of the nukes,” Sky News Australia reporter Alan Jones said on air.

“Suddenly, the world’s greatest power is in the hands of a slightly dazed bloke who looks like he’s always waking up from heavy anesthesia,” says Alan Jones. “Remember the whispering episode?” He looks Like someone — as Kyle Smith writes — ‘auditioning to play a stalker.'”

He adds that the worrisome thing here is the “free world depends on the United States as the unfree world gains momentum” and the USA is run by a guy “who probably can’t find his way home after dark” [or in the daylight].

Jones then discussed the standard test for age-related issues like dementia that the former White House doctor wants Joe Biden to take.


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