Sleepy Joe Biden boasts that he started the whole climate change thing


Biden without all that makeup

It wasn’t Al Gore who discovered fake climate hysteria, after all, it was Joe Biden. He started the whole thing so we can blame him for this.

Former Vice President Biden was asked Saturday by an activist with the US Youth Climate Strike if he would support a presidential climate debate hosted by her group, at which point he jumped in to tout his global-warming bona fides.

“By the way, I want you to know:  I’m the guy that did all this stuff—read RealClearPolitics, it will tell you about how I started this whole thing back in ’87 with climate change,” he said at a campaign stop in a video posted online.

Asked if he would commit to being a leader, he said, “I guarantee I’ll be a leader.”

Biden introduced the 1986 Global Climate Protection Act, which called for the president to establish a task force on reducing global warming.

There was no follow up.

The left is afraid Biden’s climate change policies will be too middle of the road.

But Biden also promised “no middle ground.” He will be as far-left as the rest of the kooks running as Democrats.


Communist Naomi Klein, an adviser to Red Francis, the commie Pope, once said that the way to finally get rid of capitalism is with climate change.

The Canadian troublemaker has been tweeting there is no middle ground. It’s her path to socialism for the world.

The hard-left on Twitter are drumming up hysteria over climate change.

The climate hysterics in LA are predicting a return of the Bubonic Plague. If it does come back, it will be because of the homelessness, rats, and filth everywhere.

The climate change hysteria is a fraud. All they have to support it are computer models and they are only as good as what is put in it. These idiots are not people we can trust to do anything to the climate. They are clueless. All of these leftists think the answer is only conservation but they don’t have proof that will do a thing. In fact, there is evidence the opposite is true.

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