Small far-left group bullies pro-police coffee shop off BSU campus


Big City Coffee had a contract with Boise State University in Idaho to operate their shop on campus. When students found out the owner supports the police, they allegedly pressured school administrators to close the shop, according to Idaho Press.

The shop eventually closed and now they are suing for $10 million.

This is Idaho. Leftists are ruining young people in Idaho!

The March 24 claim by Sarah Jo Fendley, a precursor to a lawsuit, alleges slander, contract interference, fraud, and violations of constitutional rights, among other things.


The reason for the student outrage appears to have been Fendley’s support for Thin Blue Line, a nonpolitical campaign to support police officers.

Fendley had expressed support for police officers for two specific larger reasons, according to the claim.

The first reason is that “As a single woman running a business in a sometimes rough neighborhood, the police have assisted her in many potentially dangerous situations over the years and she is appreciative of such assistance,” the claim states.

It also notes that Fendley’s fiance, Kevin Holtry, is a cop who caught five bullets in the line of duty, making him wheelchair-bound.

Fendley continues to support law enforcement because she has a firefighter brother and her fiancé is a “wounded officer,” Holtry said.

“She likes her first responders, loves her country, etc.,” Holtry said.

If the far-left can have this kind of influence in Idaho, we’re in trouble.


Fendley borrowed $150,000 and signed contracts to open the campus shop. She did not display police paraphernalia or signs at the campus location. Apparently, the university knew of the students’ complaints prior to her doing all that and she might not have opened had the school informed her.

Can you believe that this is Idaho and the police are treated like this? Over what? Lies that they seek out black people and gun them down even though statistics clearly show they don’t.


It turns out that a tiny group represented by the BSU’s Inclusive Excellence Student Council objected to the coffee shop. The student government committee that aims to fulfill the needs of underrepresented groups on campus, expressed concerns that Fendley’s support for law enforcement would send “a poor message to black students” and “silence students.”

Big City is very supportive of the Thin Blue Line which we know is not supportive of people of color,” said Alyssa Wainaina at a September Inclusive Excellence Student Council meeting. “I believe that they should have never been brought to campus and if it can be reversed it should be.”

The Thin Blue Line is in no way unsupportive of minorities. The students wouldn’t talk with Big City Coffee, according to the University.

Holtry, who attended multiple meetings with university officials, gave a different account. He said the Big City Coffee owner asked the administrators to issue a statement backing the coffee shop in light of student protests, to which there was no reply from the administrators. That’s when Fendley decided to end her university contract.

“Sarah agreed to part ways because she knew she wasn’t going to get the support from Boise State,” he said. “It all comes down to the fact that she supports police.”

The Idaho Freedom Foundation has bitterly campaigned against BSU in recent years, slinging accusations the university promotes a “radical social justice agenda” and attempting to dissuade lawmakers from increasing higher education funding. Wednesday’s article chided “left-wing cancel culture” for claiming “a victim” at BSU.

The university denies asking the coffee shop to leave.


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