Smoking Gun? COVID-19 as a Bioweapon Is Back on the Table


From Bioweapons to Bats, Pangolins, Bats, and Back to Bioweapons, the Smoking Gun

The idea that COVID-19 was a bioweapon is back on the table with smoking gun evidence. We were told that wasn’t possible, but it was, and it is. In fact, it’s most likely. New documents appear to provide the smoking gun in the Furin Cleavage Site.

The scientists are accused of putting the FCS in the virus to make it more dangerous. They added the dangerous the SV–40 to really drive it in, and if that wasn’t enough, they added GP 120, HIV GLUE. That makes it a bioweapon of sorts, which they didn’t have to leave in it. They did leave them in there and created the vaccine from it.

Investigative reporter and Author Michael Shellenberger summarized the new documents and the implications of these documents, obtained thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request.

“New documents secured under a Freedom of Information Act show scientists sought to insert a Furin Cleavage Site (FCS) right where it exists on SARS-CoV2 [coronavirus]. They’ve been funded in the past by Anthony Fauci, who oversaw bioweapons research.”

The Furin Cleavage Sites (FCS) appear to be the evidential proof of COVID pathogenic engineering. Any origin of the SARS virus must explain the origin of the FCS, which is a surprising finding when scientists closely examined the spike protein of this new coronavirus pandemic. For FCS to spontaneously appear in SARS-CoV2, one would have to have observed a recombination in the virus that took place in nature, but in of itself, such a recombination is very difficult and, therefore, is a low-probability event.

The puppy explains the Furin Cleavage anomaly:

Video via journalist, economist, COVID researcher, and comic MoneyPenny.

In other words, it appears to be a pathogenic bioweapon of sorts, and replicating part of that bioweapon in a vaccine is very dangerous.

What Is a Furin Cleavage Site? *

In simple terms, a furin cleavage site is a specific area or sequence found in proteins that allows them to be cut or cleaved apart by a protein called furin. The process is important for activating certain proteins or enabling them to function properly. Imagine a furin cleavage site as a specific spot on a protein that can be easily “snipped” by furin, like cutting a piece of string to create two smaller pieces. This cleavage can affect the protein’s structure, function, or ability to interact with other molecules. Furin cleavage sites are commonly found in various proteins, including some vital proteins.


The powerful suggestion from the findings in the documents is that they intentionally left in the FCS to make the vaccines. There was no need to do that if a true medical intervention was the intent. Then they added the SV–40 to really drive it in, and if that wasn’t enough, they added GP 120, HIV GLUE.

It looks synthetic, man-made. Dr. Ralph Baric once said, “We need to go into the FCS.”

The FCS is located at exactly the same location as the manually inserted FCS of SARS-CoV1 in two previously published studies. What are the odds? The studies are here and here.

The Furin Cleavage Site did not evolve over thousands of years. It magically appeared the year after it was proposed in DEFUSE. DARPA didn’t fund DEFUSE, but it might as well have been.


DEFUSE is the Eco-Health Alliance project proposed but never approved. It might as well have been.

“In the DEFUSE proposal, scientists laid out plans to insert Furin Cleavage Sites at the S1/S2 junction of the spike protein,” writes Richard H. Ebright, “ US scientists also planned to ‘assemble synthetic viruses in six segments, ’ the documents show, [And to use] The restriction enzyme BsmBi.”

Ebright continues, SARS-CoV-2 is the only one of more than 870 known SARS-like coronaviruses that contain an FCS. This feature does not rule out natural origin but is more easily – much more easily – explained by lab origin. Especially since the DARPA proposal explicitly proposed inserting an FCS.”

”They reached out to the public after seeing the story yesterday [on the 22nd] about how scientists sought to insert a Furin Cleavage Site right where it exists on SARS-CoV2, and they’ve been funded…”

Movie cinema billboard with three rules to replace handshakes with elbow bumps, foot shakes or just waving to a friend during the coronavirus epidemic

This information has been out for a week, but, not being a scientist, I wanted to see how it fleshed out.

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1 month ago

All those connected with this bs need to be taken out and used in medical experiments for the rest of their existence, along with their family members. This should serve as a warning to other would be Faucis, which in Italian means, lying, dirty little shit.

Mark Kent
Mark Kent
1 month ago
Reply to  Sam

Hang ’em high!