So, Newsom in Cali won’t open until there are zero COV deaths


Two doctors reviewed the inflated numbers of patients and the number of deceased with COVID on Laura Ingraham’s show last night.

However, WaPo quoted the CDC that said they are probably underestimating. The problem is the CDC has become a political organization.

In San Diego, out of 231 deaths, only 6 didn’t have underlying conditions. San Diego is now at 28% unemployment and rising. These politicians feel no urgency in ending this quarantine which was supposed to last two weeks. They are locking down the entire state for what would normally be unwarranted numbers of deaths.

The governor of California said they can’t move forward to the next phase until there are ZERO COVID deaths. It’s an unattainable goal.

Some might say flawed models are driving policies that don’t represent science.

I know professionals in the most important hospital in Suffolk NY in fighting COV. A person in authority said that they are counting most deaths as COVID because they get a larger reimbursement and it shields them from lawsuits from families. There have been hundreds of threats of lawsuits. Too many lawyers are pigs.


Victor Davis Hanson

She asked him if the left will let us open or take us all down with them. He goes through the printing of money and the weaponization of every aspect of this illness, including the transformation of the nation.


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