So the character assassination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett begins


Former classmates and some sorority sisters, allegedly, signed a letter to the president of her alma mater, Rhodes College, smearing Amy Coney Barrett.

She graduated in 1994 magna cum laude and people who signed the letter graduated years before or after. How many actually knew her? Not many graduated the same year she graduated.

They were vicious in the letter, in part, because she spoke at an event sponsored by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a conservative version of the far-left ACLU.

The letter quoted the hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Ironically, this anti-right, and anti-Christian hate group called the ADF a hate group. They compared the ADF to the KKK. SPLC is the same group that put Dr. Ben Carson on a list of alleged haters. It’s galling and absurd to have anyone cite the SPLC hate group as a revered organization.

The letter’s signatories say many of them were “contemporaries of, friends of, and even sorority sisters of Amy Coney Barrett.” Disingenuously, “despite the respect that many of us hold for her intellect, and even the friendship that many of us held or continue to hold with her, we are firmly and passionately opposed to her nomination.”

They are “firmly and passionately opposed to Rhodes administration to embrace ACB.

They advertised on Facebook and asked for people to sign. It’s a vicious tactic.


The Democrats should get an original playbook. This is starting to sound like the Kavanaugh smear.

Did ACB get drunk once or say something suggestive or cut someone’s hair. Maybe she put her dog on the top of her car?

They claim she obfuscated the truth about her record on LGBTQ issues and Roe v. Wade during her confirmation hearings.

They have zero evidence for that.

The signatories condemn Barrett for belonging to “the Notre Dame chapter of the anti-choice group University Faculty for Life” and argue that the Federalist Society would only approve a nominee who “is willing to overturn or seriously curtail Roe v. Wade.” They cited the SPLC liars for that.

Roe v. Wade should be curtailed. Killing fully developed babies because they inches from daylight is extreme.

Two prominent liberal leaders who admire the SPLC have stood up for ADF, condemning the smear.


Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU, wrote, “An organization whose overall work I admire and support, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has labeled ADF a ‘hate group.’ I respectfully dissent from this label.” She warned that “such a condemnatory blanket classification … suppresses conversations we need to have and voices that should be heard.”

Mikey Weinstein, founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, also condemned the accusation. “In my long years of fighting for what’s Constitutionally right, I’ve come to personally know several senior ADF lawyers extremely well. Their religiously-based legal positions, I and MRFF TOTALLY reject. However, their integrity, compassion, character, empathy, honor, and concern for their fellow humans I will steadfastly affirm. I have seen it and I have lived it,” he wrote. Rather than a “hate group,” he said he considers ADF “dear friends.”

ADF has debunked the SPLC smears but you won’t find that in the letter.

ADF has not linked homosexuality and pedophilia which the SPLC is now using to try and smear the ADF and ACB.

The Southern Poverty Law Center almost got a lot of Family Research Council people killed. The organization is a legal scam. It’s a biased, hate-filled group and should never be taken seriously.

Also today, the AP came out with the debunked story that due to her religion, she believes in the subjugation of women.

ACB is allowed to hold any beliefs she wants as long as it doesn’t deter her from the rule of law. There is no evidence it does. She is a textualist and an originalist.

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